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Thursday, November 30, 2006

321 Studios DVD X Copy Platinum with Crack

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Occasionally I'll be posting random shit like software/apps and other nerdy things like comics and old school nintendo/snes games. For my first software post I'm sharing one of my most favorite and frequently used applications that I use to make "back-up copies" of movies I buy and own. I have to give thanks to Jimmy Smithson over at Bust The Facts and All Hell Iz Breakin Loose for telling me about this app a few years ago, along with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.

I'll give a brief but interesting history on the company and software. 321 Studios first released DVD X Copy in 2003 and the company was taken to court by several major studios and in February was ruled illegal by a judge. Subsequently, 321 Studios closed down and all their DVD copying software was taken off the shelves (although some retailers continued selling the remaing inventory) leaving people to find other programs to back-up movies. Over the next couple years there have been clone programs with the same name popping up, some with other names but the same basic layout. One company claims to have improved upon the original software but I'm pretty skeptical about them all. I tried one called DVD Clone and was not impressed with the resulting quality of the copy. As far as problems with DVD X Copy I only run into one every once in a while: I'll get an error during burning, so that's when I use DVD Decrypter to rip the movie to my hard drive, then use DVD Shrink to burn it. Between the three I've been able to burn every single movie I've ever tried. I'm not sure where I originally got this from but the first time I downloaded it, it came with a serial number to activate it. I lost that first copy a while ago and found this version which has a working crack and I've tested it and have been using it for over a year now, so there shouldn't be a problem installing it. Make sure to read the read me file included before installation. If you're looking for copying software and haven't tried this I suggest giving it a try at least. If you do run to any problems drop a comment and I'll try an help.

This is for Windows only. It requires about 10 Gigs of free space to temporarily store the ripped files on your hard drive (the program deletes them after burning). Here's the links to DVD Decrypter here and DVD Shrink here, both are free programs.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Freddie Foxxx - I'm Not Playing/The Master 12 " Promo (MCA 1989)

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A1 - I'm Not Playing (Vocal) (4:12)
A2 - I'm Not Playing (Dub Version) (4:12)
B1 - The Master (3:23)
B2 - I'm Not Playing (Instrumental) (4:12)

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Freddie Foxxx - Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl 12 " (MCA 1990)

A1 - Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl (Remix) (5:06)
A2 - Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl (Remix Instrumental) (5:06)
B1 - Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl (Dub Mix) (5:06)
B2 - Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl (A Capella) (5:06)

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Freddie Foxxx - Freddie Foxxx Is Here (MCA 1989)

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01 - The Master (3:23)
02 - Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl (5:02)
03 - The Ladies Jam (4:32)
04 - Forever (5:07)
05 - Stop, Look And Listen (4:05)
06 - Serious (5:23)
07 - Ain't No Sunshine (4:24)
08 - Keep Doin' It Like This (4:28)
09 - Busted (4:18)
10 -Make 'Em Feel It (5:13)
11 - Freddie Foxxx Is Here (4:01)
12 - I'm Ready (5:26)

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Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off 12" (Cold Chillin' 1988)

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A1 - Set It Off (Extended Mix)
B1 - Get Into It
B2 - Set It Off

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Big Daddy Kane - I'll Take You There/Wrath Of Kane 12" (Cold Chillin' 1988)

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A1 - I'll Take You There (Remix) (5:00)
B1 - I'll Take You There (Edit) (4:15)
B2 - Wrath Of Kane (3:50)


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

JVC Force - Big Trax 12" (Big Beat 1992)

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A1 - Big Trax (Vocal)
A2 - Big Trax (Instrumental)
B1 - 6 Feet Back On The Map (Hardcore Mixup)
B2 - 6 Feet Back On The Map (Instrumental)
B3 - 6 Feet Back On The Map (Bedside Manor)

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JVC Force - Force Field (Warlock 1990)

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01 - Introduction 2 Dance
02 - Trivial Pursuit
03 - It's A Force Thing
04 - JVC Is In The Haus
05 - Smooth-N-Mellow
06 - Tear The Show Up
07 - Matik-A-Matik
08 - Sandee
09 - It's Our Turn
10 - Stop-N-Listen
11 - A Musical Sample
12 - Keep A Handle
13 - It's A K.O.
14 - Force Field
15 - Collapsin' Em
16 - This Is Our Song
17 - Envy -4- Another
18 - Dejavu

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JVC Force - Doin Damage (CD Rip) (B-Boy 1988)

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01 - You’ll Like It Too
02 - Stylin’ Lyrics
03 - Puppy Love
04 - The Force Is Buggin
05 - The Move
06 - Strong Island
07 - Doin’ Damage
08 - Take It Away
09 - The Force Is The Boss
10 - Nu Skool
11 - We Got Our Own Thing
12 - Force Field (Alternative Mix)
13 - Tear The Show Up (Alternative Mix)

Downlod Here

JVC Force - Take It Away/Strong Island (The Blue Mix) 12" (B-Boy 1988)

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A1 - Take It Away (Album Mix)
B1 - Strong Island (The Blue Mix)
B2 - Strong Island (Acapella)

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JVC Force - Strong Island 12" (B-Boy 1987)

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A1 - Strong Island (Vocal)
A2 - Strong Island (Instrumental)
B1 - Nu Skool (Vocal)

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Spectrum City - Lies/Check Out The Radio 12" Single (White Label Promo) (Vanguard 1984)

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When I first heard this single I just about creamed myself because early Public Enemy was my shit and still is to this day. Before PE was formed, Chuck D was involved with WBAU, Adelphi University's radio station as a Deejay and later as the lead MC of Hank and Keith Shocklee's Spectrum City unit. A more old school sounding Public Enemy, this single to me is one of the greatest singles of all time. I'd love to get my hands on the actual 12 of this but the digital format fills that void for now. Enjoy!

A1 - Lies (5:41)
A2 - Check Out The Radio (Bonus Beat) (4:32)
B1 - Lies (Radio Edit) (4:05)
B2 - Lies (Dub) (5:49)
B3 - Check Out The Radio (Bonus Beat Dub) (4:31)

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Resident Alien - It Takes A Nation Of Suckers To Let Us In (1992)

I'm sure everyone has this lost gem by now thanks to the net. I'm not gonna say much about this but grab it if you don't already have it. Prince Paul's first project after Stet and De La, the album follows the daily happenings of three West Indian immigrants in New York. Definitely hilarious as you'd expect from Paul with decent samples and beats and some rhymes by emcees whose names I still haven't figured out (Mr. Bug, Dragon & Double B?). I remember seeing this album being promoted in The Source I believe, (or some other magazine maybe) back in the day. Leave it to Russell to fuck this one up. I'd love to see a proper release of this sometime as I know Paul could use the cash.

01 - Intro
02 - The Resident Alien
03 - I Yam What I Yam
04 - The Ox Tail, The Burger & Chicken Wing
05 - Miss Lee
06 - Shakey Ground
07 - Ardicle Don
08 - Horrorscope
09 - Midtro
10 - Ooh the Dew Doo Man
11 - Mr Boops
12 - Alone
13 - State of Emergency
14 - Are You Ready
15 - We Na Play
16 - Wanna Be (Russell)
17 - Mother's Day
18 - Third World
19 - Extro
20 - Welcome to America

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The W.I.S.E. Guyz - eF yoU eN Kay E (Atlantic 1989)

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01 - Intro (0:08)
02 - Kick It Off (3:21)
03 - Boom Bash (3:05)
04 - Do The Egyptian (2:50)
05 - If My Pillow Could Talk (3:33)
06 - New York, New York (2:43)
07 - The eF yoU eN Kay E (4:11)
08 - Let's Rock The House (3:52)
09 - Time For Peace (3:32)
10 - Fools (0:02)
11 - Watt U Got 2 Say (4:50)
12 - This House Is Smokin' (3:18)
13 - Wise Words (:11)
14 - Big Ill (The Mack) (3:45)
15 - Cuz I'm A Pimp (3:14)

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Wow can't believe I've never seen this vid, just found it on Youtube.
Time For Peace

The Next School - Settin' An Example (Chrysalis 1990)

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01 - Funk University (4:20)
02 - Kick The Base (4:18)
03 - Profits Of Unity (4:00)
04 - Settin' An Example (4:20)
05 - Girls Girls Girls (5:16)
06 - Take Me Home (5:07)
07 - Good To Go (4:20)
08 - Go Next School (4:00)
09 - Isn't It Funny (5:32)
10 - Young Adults (4:18)
11 - Next School Shuffle (4:33)

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Stezo - Crazy Noise (Fresh 1989)

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01 - Bring The Horns (4:07)
02 - Freak The Funk (3:27)
03 - Talking Sense (3:20)
04 - It's My Turn (3:43)
05 - Getting Paid (3:50)
06 - Girl Trouble (3:29)
07 - To The Max (3:48)
08 - Put Your Body Into It (3:32)
09 - Jimmy's Gettin' Funky (3:42)
10 - Crazy Noise (4:05)
11 - Get's Into His Move (3:30)
12 - Going For Mine (3:08)

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Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Girls I Got 'Em Locked (Elektra 1988)

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What can I say about this album that hasn't already been said? One of my favorite lp's from my favorite year in hip hop (well I debate that with myself constantly), this album is on rotation weekly, I never get tired of it. I believe Paul C had his hands all over this release and it shows: dope samples, dope beats and Super Lover Cee's rhymes compliment them well. The liner notes list both Super Lover and Rud as the main producers and Paul as the engineer but I wonder how much Paul had to do with the production? I bet quite a bit. Also I wish they could've followed this album up sooner with another LP than they did with their extremely weak EP, Blow Up The Spot. If you've never heard this or don't have it, grab this shit now!

01 - I'm Back
02 - Girls Act Stupid-aly
03 - All You Mc's
04 - Gets No Deeper
05 - Pump It Back
06 - Girls I Got 'Em Locked
07 - I Gotta Good Thing
08 - Come And Get Some
09 - Super-Casanova
10 - Do The James

Download Here

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Alliance - We Could Get Used To This (First Priority 1988)

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One of my favorite albums of '88 (actually of any era), The King Of Chill, K-Swift, and DJ Skill come correct on this First Priority release with ill rhymes, top-notch production and excellent scratchin. How they didn't get hardly any airplay is unfathomable to me. I just won a mint copy of this on eBay for $5!!! I added a few extra tracks from their 12 inch releases that didn't make the lp cut.

01 - Bustin' Loose (3:58)
02 - We Could Get Used To This (4:48)
03 - I, Alliance (3:49)
04 - Fish Heads (2:55)
05 - Your Idol (3:07)
06 - Down To Earth (3:15)
07 - Just Another Message (3:04)
08 - Ready Set (4:08)
09 - I've Found (2:13)
10 - Pure Skill (3:37)
11 - Leeches (3:01)
12 - Still You Sleep (3:04)
13 - Oreo Cookie (3:58)
14 - Do It! Do It! (4:52)
15 - Kibbles And Bits (4:25)
16 - Get On Down (3:51)

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Friday, November 03, 2006

The UMC's - Fuits Of Nature (Wildpitch 1991)

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While heads were complaining how soft The UMC's were, others like me actually realised how ahead of their time The Universal MC's were. Dope beats, dope samples, and dope word play by Kool Kim, Haas G along with DJ Kid Magic on the wheels. One of the more fun and upbeat hip hop records from this time, the album was actually supposed to be titled "Fruits Uv Nature" to spell F.U.N.

Check out this extremely interesting article by Kool Kim at
Also check out The UMC's Myspace page

AMG Review

On their debut album, Fruits of Nature, the UMC's -- Hass G and Kool Kim -- are endlessly imaginative, witty, and effervescent by disposition and lyrical flow, and always intelligent. When it came to the music, co-producers Hass G and RNS decked it out in vintage soul and old Blue Note-styled tracks, with reams of obscure, idiosyncratic vocal samples tossed in as hooks, breaks, and bridges. The resulting effort is yet another vastly underrated rap album out of those banner years in hip-hop, 1991 and 1992, when commercial and economic instincts had yet to turn the music formulaic. The ironic thing is that nearly everything on Fruits of Nature is sing-along catchy and so ebullient that it would have sounded great bounding out of radios or from MTV. Unfortunately, it is also the sort of hip-hop that is too idiosyncratic and brainy to garner a widespread audience. Instead of alchemizing their jazz-tinged sensibility into a more earnest and reverent underground hip-hop extension of the jazz tradition, UMC's twist their jazzy inclinations into what are essentially pop songs that, even while generating a singular style all their own, cover the full range of the catchiness spectrum: ingratiating melodic tunes ("One to Grow On"), carbonated word play ("Blue Cheese"), cleverly disguised boasts and straight rhyming ("Kraftworks," "Swing It to the Area," "Any Way the Wind Blows"), loping urban anthems ("You Got My Back," "Jive Talk"), and more serious-minded cuts ("Morals"). There's even an urban take on storybook tales ("Never Never Land") and a sort of ballad ("Feelings"). The commercial failure of the UMC's and groups like them opened up hip-hop to the same sort of Top 40-ready and cookie-cutter artistry in the latter part of the decade that had previously swallowed rock and pop music. For a brief couple years, though, rap as uniquely excellent as Fruits of Nature could be found around every urban corner.

o1 - OneTo Grow On
02 - Kraftworks
03 - Morals
04 - Blue Cheese
05 - Swing It To The Area
06 - Never Never Land
07 - Jive Talk
08 - Feelings
09 - Any Way The Wind Blows
10 - Pass It On
11 - Hey Here We Go
12 - It's Gonna Last

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