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Friday, March 28, 2008

T La Rock & Jazzy Jay - It's Yours 12" Single Repress (Partytime 2005)

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Special thanks to Moyinka for this 12.

My last post LL Cool J's I Need a Beat 12" was the very first official release on the Def Jam label way back in 84. At least on paper that's correct. In 1982, Hose an Art-Punk band founded by Rick Rubin released a 45 rpm 7" vinyl single in a brown paper bag, and no label as the first Def Jam release. It's Yours was the first record to appear with the Def jam logo and on the label it has PT 104 listed as the catalog number, but the runout groove has a second, cat# JAM-1, & the picture sleeve says JAM 1. In 1983 a few months before joining forces with Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin borrowed $5,000 from his parents and produced and recorded his first hip hop record It’s Yours on the Streetwise Records subsidiary label Party Time Records. The Beastie Boys' Mike D had this to say about the record: "As the hip hop mythology goes, Rick Rubin had arranged to put out a record by rapper Special K and Jazzy Jay, of the Treacherous 3 and Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation, respectively. When the arrangement with Special K fell through, Special K's brother T La Rock filled in and the rest is history. Rick Rubin then went into the studio to make a record with Jazzy Jay and T La Rock called It's Yours. And actually if you listen to the background track you can hear Adam (Horovitz) and myself (Mike D) and I think also Adam Yauch and Dave Swift and some other friends of ours saying "ho" and getting our claps on. Anyway so that record came out actually through… I think it was through Arthur Baker’s label… this label called Partytime. I think Arthur Baker had something to do with it. That record came out and Russell (Simmons) heard it. I think for him… it was shocking for someone he didn’t know had made it or someone that wasn’t from his world."
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A1 - It's Yours (Radio Mix)
A2 - It's Yours (Instrumental)
A3 - It's Yours (Acapella)
B1 - It's Yours (Scratch Party Death Mix)
B2 - It's Yours (Instrumental Party)
B3 - It's Yours (Dubapella)

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