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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Downtown Science - Radioactive

A bit of a leap forward this one if recent entries are to go by to 1991 and probably the best record of their short career. Sam Sever had been around a while before teaming up with Bosco Money for a couple of singles and a pretty decent LP. I had the other single off the album, 'Room To Breathe' but it fell out of the sleeve when I was getting out of my car after a deejaying sesh at a mates house and it skidded across the gravelly road runining one side completely. The worst part was one of my neighbours saw it happen and he he was also in the deejay 'profession' - weddings, birthday parties, you know, that kind - and he made some sarcastic comment which pissed me of a little. Still, I could mix and scratch and he couldn't. Probably.

Friday, April 04, 2014

UTFO - Leader Of The Pack

UTFO had their moments. I wasn't keen on their debut release but I bought it all the same. This was always my fave though; picked it up some years back now, still sealed and a steal at two and a half quid. The emcees had skils but it was always the deejay I was interested in. Mixmaster Ice was underrated I reckon. He had that particularly cool scratch where you had to be real quick on the cross fade and do a kind of double back and forth with the record whilst doing the same with the fader, difficult to explain and I hope you know what I mean but it took me years to perfect but I did and I was the only one in our 'circle' that could. I don't know any other deejay that did that scratch; there probably was but he was the first I ever heard that did. Later releases didn't interest me that much. I bought a couple more of their LPs, 'Skeezer Pleezer' and 'Doin' It' but they just sat in the crate for years with little interest shown so they eventually went the way of the bay. Full Force's production skills were alright I guess but their harmonising on some of UTFO's stuff is ok for some but it's not for me, thanks all the same. 'Bite It' comes a close second to this for me which I'll get at some point no doubt, until then this is the only slice of wax I have but I think it's their best.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

D.E.F. Featuring DJ Three D - D.E.F. Momentum

Hated this for such a long time but it gradually grew on me so I got myself one. Back in '85 I personally preferred the harder, less melodic style and unlike just about all of my mates of the time I always loved the sound of the vocoder, of which this has plenty.