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Monday, October 23, 2006

True Mathematics - Greatest Hits (Select 1988)

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Along with the Leaders of the New School, the Kings of Pressure, Young Black Teenagers and Son of Bazerk, True Mathematics was a musical project managed and directed by Hank and Keith Shocklee, Chuck D and Eric “Vietnam” Sadler. True Mathematics was an unknown emcee from Hempstead and was one of the more mysterious rap acts to come out of this group having almost no recognition outside of New York. I found out about him by reading through the liner notes of some cassette tapes and ordered what was his one and only lp "Greatest Hits", which is quite funny because at that time he had only released three 12 inch singles. I'm guessing The Bomb Squad had their hands full with PE and others and realised there wasn't much of a future with this project, so they probably named it that for fun. I used to blast this album alot while I washed dishes and cleaned for this one bakery. Every time I put this on the smell of the bakery comes back to me in full effect. Ahhh the memories.

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