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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lakim Shabazz - Need Some Lovin'

Lakim Shabazz sans the 45 king = not a bad record really. Shabazz himself undertakes production here and does pretty well it has to be said and even throws in a remix on the flip for good measure. Anttex contributes his two penn'orth (or two cents if you prefer) but the lead track is the strongest I think. A 320kbps rip of a piece of vinyl I seldomed played way back when is a good send off as I sold it last week for a paltry 99p. A bit of a disappointment but a sign of the current times. Now I need some lovin'..

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Most Wanted - Calm Down

Been quite busy of late but I managed a fresh 320 kbps rip of this monster classic which has been getting some steady ipod time I can tell you. I think I may have 'over-bassed' a touch but it still sounds def.