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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Rickie Clark Company - Time To Throwdown

I sought after this for a long time. It's not a typical record that people who know me might think I would go for but I like it a lot. It was on the first tape of US import 12"s I ever got my hands on so that's probably why. The vocoder is the thing I loved about it and it still sounds great to me but I dare say if I'd heard it today for the first time I wouldn't be fussed so you might not be but I'll give it a shot. Just two tracks on here, long and short versions and whatever you're up to later on, have a happy new year. Download

Monday, December 14, 2009

PJ Rappers Feat. J-Groove - Use What You Got To Get What You Want

I know nothing about this record except it sounded better when I first bought it in '88. Three cuts in total,a long, a short and an instrumental version and a U2 sample nonetheless. >> Download

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Future - Nuclear Holocaust

Uplifting subject matter for the festive period I don't think but a fantastic record and one I was trying to track down since I first heard it back in '84 and succeeded a few years ago. I can remember there being some concern over the likelihood of nuclear war breaking out in the early eighties and leaflets and whatnot being distributed at school with procedures to follow should it ever occur. There was even a movie made in my home town (I knew some of the folk in it that were cast as extras) which had an unbelievably bleak outlook on the whole thing (I'm not for a minute suggesting that any kind of war couldn't really be so bad) but watch it and see what I mean. Anyway, I saw that film the other day for the first time in about 25 years and I thought of this record pretty much straight away. Now listen to it and try not to knod to the beat or tap your foot to the prospect of total world destruction.. Download Here quick Before It's Too Late

Monday, November 09, 2009

Just-Ice - Cold Gettin' Dumb

I bought Peanut Butter Wolf's 45 live boxset last week which is the inspiration for me digging out the original 12" and posting it here. Fantastic tune, the x-side's nothing special but the OG is top drawer stuff, Mantronik was way ahead of his time with these absolutely thumpin' drum beats, play it real loud.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Top Priority - Let The Homocides Begin

I bought this the other week as it's less than likely that I'm gonna be able to secure a copy of the OG, classic golden era rap in bootleg 45rpm form, just the vocal and instrumental versions on this release.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

MC Smooth - Smooth & Legit

Decent tune produced by the arabian prince, I don't have much info on the artist but there's a some concise info over here.

A1 - Smooth & Legit B1 - You Think You Want Some B2 - Legit Beats

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock

Had this on on the way home from work yesterday morning, classic record, 5 mixes in the file, 'tothebreakofdawn' is the pass.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cutmaster DC - That's Life

The mighty Cutmaster's debut 12" is not his best but worth a listen. It was released in 1983 and I would say that is is exactly what you'd expect a rap record from 1983 to sound like. The first record I bought of his was 'Night Before Christmas' and I will admit to only really purchasing this to complete my Cutmaster DC 12" collection. I do like his rap style though. At least he put some effort in to it and keeps to the beat, not like nowadays with these young 'uns.. Just a vocal and instrumental on here although there is an official release with a picture sleeve knocking around, not sure if there are extra versions on there. Pass is 'tothebreakofdawn'.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Live N' Effect Posse - I'm Getting Physical

Fantastic slice of the so called 'Golden Era' style of things produced by the famous among 'random' fans, Paul C. I have to admit to never having heard of it until the bootleg came about and I forgot I'd bought a copy until recently and decided to sell it a few weeks back where it sold for 5 times more than I paid, which was nice. Such is the power of The Man..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Three Times Dope - Funky Dividends 12" Single (1989)

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01 - Funky Dividends (Goin' For Broke Edit)
02 - Funky Dividends (Goin' For Broke Remix)
03 - Funky Dividends (Big Money Talkin' Beats)
04 - Funky Dividends (Modern Day Radio Mix)
05 - Funky Dividends (Great Groove Club Mix)

Download (Multiupload)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spyder-D - I Can't Wait (To Rock The Mike) 12" Single (1986)


A - I Can't Wait (To Rock The Mike)
B - I Can't Wait (To Rock The Mike) (Instrumental)

Download (Multiupload)

Public Enemy - Bring The Noise 12" Single (1987)

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Classic right here but you already know that. In my opinion this is one of the most important songs ever recorded. This was the track that launched The Bomb Squad's multi-layered noise on a world in need of beautiful chaos on wax. I could be wrong but I'm sure this dropped before Rebel Without A Pause which would be the next runner-up for supreme sonic assault on the masses in the work of Public Enemy. Either way I was extremely happy with both when they dropped and my life's purpose was complete at that moment in time - this is where I feel hip-hop can contribute to the spiritual path as well as the ego's - both tracks are now part of my energetic matrix and make me that much stronger in spirit. No shit. Originally released on the soundtrack for the film Less Than Zero, and as a 12 inch, here is where the B-Side doesn't win with a slightly altered version of Sophisticated Bitch but actually it's one of my favorite PE joints from their debut with sweet guitar by Bill Stephney & Vernon Reid from Living Colour. Enjoy!!

Somehow I have two different versions of this single so I compiled them into one zip but kept the folders separate. One is a limited edition release that includes Rebel Without A Pause.

01 - Bring The Noise (No Noise Version)
02 - Bring The Noise (No Noise Instrumental)
03 - Bring The Noise (No Noise Acappella)
04 - Sophisticated (Bitch)
05 - Sophisticated (Bitch) (Instrumental)

01 - Rebel Without A Pause (Vocal Mix)
02 - Rebel Without A Pause (Instrumental)
03 - Bring The Noise
04 - Sophisticated Bitch

Download (Multiupload)

LL Cool J - I Need A Beat 12" Single (1984)

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A1 - I Need A Beat (Vocal)
B1 - I Need A Beat (Zootie Mix)
B2 - I Need A Beat (Instrumental)

Download (Multiupload)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eric B. & Rakim - Follow The Leader 12" Single (1988)

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A1 - Follow The Leader (5:33)
B1 - Follow The Leader (Acapella) (5:33)
B2 - Follow The Leader (Dub) (5:33)

Download (zShare)

Mikey D & The LA Posse - Out Of Control 12" (1988)

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A1 - Out Of Control (Vocal)
A2 - Out Of Control (Instrumental)
B1 - Comin' In The House (Vocal)
B2 - Comin' In The House (Instrumental)

Download (zShare)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grandmaster Flash - Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang (1987)


  • A1 Ain't We Funkin' Now (0:59)
  • A2 U Know What Time It Is (3:23)
  • A3 Underarms (3:09)
  • A4 Kid Named Flash (3:50)
  • A5 Get Yours (3:34)
  • A6 Them Jeans (3:16)
  • A7 We Will Rock You (2:46)
  • B1 All Wrapped Up (3:16)
  • B2 Tear The Roof Off (2:29)
  • B3 Big Black Caddy (4:03)
  • B4 House That Rocked (4:00)
  • B5 Bus Dis (Wooo) (3:07)
  • B6 I Am Somebody (3:34)
  • B7 Ain't We Funkin' Now (1:20)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Arabian Prince - It's A Dope Thang

I first heard this whilst walking through the city centre in Sheffield (UK). Loads of b-boy types, writers and whatnot used to gather in a particular place and they happened to have this on the 'boombox' or whatever you want to call it and I loitered a little to try and catch any words I might remember to try and find it (no internet back then, how the hell did we live our lives?!) but failed until a mate of mine gave me the heads up after he bought his 'Brother Arab' LP when it first came out, (which he gave me later) and I eventually got a copy in 1999. The other 2 tracks, 'Hoggie Doggie' and 'Gettin' Down' are alright but the beat on 'Dope Thang' hits so hard it's difficult to give the others any time at all. B-side wins once again. Password is 'tothebreakofdawn'.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

JVC Force - Big Trax 12" (1992)

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A1 - Big Trax (Vocal)
A2 - Big Trax (Instrumental)
B1 - 6 Feet Back On The Map (Hardcore Mixup)
B2 - 6 Feet Back On The Map (Instrumental)
B3 - 6 Feet Back On The Map (Bedside Manor)

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Public Enemy - You're Gonna Get Yours 12" (1987)

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PE really broke new ground on this single with Rebel Without A Pause, recorded after Yo! Bum Rush The Show. The most notable part of the song was Hank Shocklee's sample of the trumpet glissando from The J.B.'s The Grunt and is easily one of the most memorable sounds on the planet. A quote from an interview with Shocklee reveals some interesting tidbits behind the making of the track: "’Rebel’ is interesting because that was originally done with the only sampler that I had at the time which was the Mirage. And the Mirage, if you know the Mirage, it’s a 4-bit sampler that gives you three seconds of sample time and that’s it. And it was [as if] the stars lined it up for me. I was doing this thing again, and I was trying to catch it and I caught the right piece of it in three seconds. Because one thing about the Mirage is when you have three seconds, and you know you only got three seconds, and your piece is really three and a half seconds long, but you really want to catch the best three seconds out of that, well, you got to keep doing it until you catch it right the way you want it". Another very interesting fact is the drums. At first listen it seems like just the Funky Drummer chopped up a little with another programmed beat for the chorus. "That record has four different beats, one is the change beat, one is the original verse beat, the other is the short verse beat, and the fourth being the ride on the beat. And it has ten different turnarounds, all those little kicks, all that stuff is programmed, you know, each one does not repeat itself. So it gives you the illusion of the record is constantly getting better as opposed to it just staying linear". Also noteworthy is Terminator X's rock 'n' roll scratch (yes that's really him this time). "When he first did that piece, you know, the Rock 'n' Roll part, when Chuck said: ”Terminator X“ I was expecting, something (shows something huge with his arms). And then he came in and he would - (makes very small moves with his hands) and then he came up with ’tchgtchgtch’ – I was disappointed when I first heard it. You know, I took it home and I listened to it. And then I said: ”There is something in here that I like but there is something that I didn’t like about it.“ And so, when I went back to the studio, I had the engineer pull off the bottom on it because there was a lot more bass in it. And it just sounded muddy to me. Once Steve pulled the bottom of the whole shit popped out like crazy and it was my favorite piece in life. And even to the point when he took the ’Pee Wee Herman’ ’Get-a-get-a-get’ (scratches in the air) to give it a extra like (waves with his arms) – oh shit – I thought that that was probably the most brilliant piece of scratch work on a record to me ever".

Quotes from the Red Bull Music Academy interview with Hank Shocklee

A1 - You're Gonna Get Yours (Vocal)
A2 - You're Gonna Get Yours (Dub/Terminator X Getaway Version)
A3 - Miuzi Weighs A Ton (Vocal Mix)
B1 - Rebel Without A Pause (Vocal Mix)
B2 - Rebel Without A Pause (Instrumental)

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Leaders Of The New School - The International Zone Coaster 12" (1991)

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A1 - The International Zone Coaster (Re-Remix Edit) Remix - Stimulated Dummies
A2 - The International Zone Coaster (Remix) Remix - Stimulated Dummies
A3 - The International Zone Coaster (Ultra Shandilere Tango-Trixx Mix) Remix - L.O.N.S.
B1 - Too Much On My Mind (Vocal)
B2 - The International Zone Coaster (Zone Flight Z9ZU Mix) Remix - L.O.N.S.
B3 - The International Zone Coaster (Radio Edit) Remix - Stimulated Dummies

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Lord Alibaski - Lyrics In Motion / Top Gun

Excellent effort from a relatively slept on flavor unit emcee and produced by you know who. I heard 'Top Gun' on a 45 king comp originally and I picked this copy of the 12" up a couple of years back for £2.99 and it was sealed too. I passworded the file, you need 'tothebreakofdawn' to get in there.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3XD - Greatest Man Alive 12" (1988)

Won this on ebay last week, 99p was the winning bid and you can't sniff at that. I'd buy almost anything for a quid. B-side wins again though, 'Straight Up' is a corkin' tune, proper heavy hip hop beats.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Daddy Kane - Raw / Word To The Mother (Land) 12" (1987)

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A1 - Raw
A2 - Word To The Mother (Land)
B1 - Raw (Dubapella)

Download (MediaFire)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Intelligent Hoodlum - Back To Reality 12" (1990)

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A1 - Back To Reality
A2 - Back To Reality (Marley's Mix)
B1 - Back To Reality (UK Remix)
B2 - Back To Reality (UK Dub)
B3 - Live & Direct From The House Of Hits (Feat Craig G)

This single is worth grabbing just for the non-album track Live & Direct From The House Of Hits with Craig G. It's one of my all time favorite tracks. Grab it!

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Download (DepositFiles)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Futura 2000 - The Escapades Of Futura 2000

The Clash were my favourite band when I was a kid, heck, they probably still are. They met Futura in New York when they went over to play the now famous 17 gig stint at the Bonds club, or casino as the flyers said but it was just a club, (I think they added the casino moniker in an attempt to add a touch of class), as it was oversold. 'A' graffiti artist made a banner for the show (I assume it was Futura but can't be certain) and they obviously got together to collaborate on this gem of a 12". The Clash did make a couple of attempts at 'crossing over' and doing the hip hop thing and could possibly be the first white non American group to record a rap record but we'll discuss that another time. Overall, I would say that this is one of the best hip hop records ever made by a group who's primary musical genre wasn't hip hop and an emcee who isn't an emcee. Note: The band got Futura to reproduce the lyrics on the inner sleeve of 'Combat Rock'.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Run-DMC - Hollis Crew

I would credit 'sucker mcs' as being the record that got me into hip hop music back in 1983. I used to break (thanks to break machine!) before I knew rap music existed. I remember seeing the video to 'The message' on top of the pops but I never thought much about it, (I do now o' course), but run dmc were the best hands down in my opinion. I bought streetsounds electro 4 just for 'sucker mcs' as US imports were impossible to get a hold of in the north of England. This, however is my fave record by them. I'm not sure but I think it's a promo only 12" single and I only bagged a copy about 18 months ago for a fiver off ebay. The B-side is listed as the instrumental but it's slightly longer than the vocal version and is more of a dub style affair.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Witchdoctor & The Dominating 3 MCs - Kickin' It Live

When I was a young 'un I listened to the late great John Peel's radio show every night religiously just to hear the hip hop as he was the only DJ playing it at the time, amongst other oddities and weirdness of course. I heard this one on that show and managed to get a copy some days later from Roulette records in Sheffield (which is now a sandwich shop) and it cost £12.99. I know this because I still have it today and it's a dope piece of wax, one I'd never want to sell, firin' on every level. 'Rock The House' became my personal favourite mainly because of the rhyming style but also the beat is off the chain, very experimental, no-one would do such a thing today. The cover's good too. One of them has a red shiny coat on and white moon boots. Also very experimental, no-one would do such a thing today and he probably shouldn't have back then. the password is 'tothebreakofdawn'. Didn't mean to do that, force of habit.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boogie Down Productions - Stop The Violence 12" (1988)

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A1 Stop The Violence (Extended Mix) (5:41)
A2 Stop The Violence (Single Edit) (3:42)
B1 Jimmy (4:11)
B2 Stop The Violence (Instrumental) (5:02)

Download (MediaFire)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anyone want to contribute to my blog?

I just wanted to apologize to everyone that I haven't posted anything new and haven't gotten to any re-ups. I would like to give the usual excuse that I've been so busy and have lost interest but I'll save that for some other dickhead. Soooo.....

If there's any of you out there that would like to contribute to this blog I would really appreciate the help. I'm not even sure if people still visit but together we can hopefully bring it back from the dead. If I don't get any responses after a week or so I'll probably end up re-upping every dead link and still add albums so don't worry about me shutting it down. If anyone's interested I personally try to stick to out of print east coast shit from 84 to about 94 but wouldn't mind stuff outside of that but I do want to try and stay true to out of print for the obvious reasons of not getting shut down and to the artists & labels who actually make some money on retail sales.

Just post in the comments and I'll see about getting you onboard to make some noise.