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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MC QP - I'm Hard

MC QP's only release is a mixture of hardcore hip hop and the almost verging on house music style electro so you can take a guess which is my fave on this particular 12". 'I'm Hard' was on a tape I acquired at school from 'the new guy' - I think I mentioned him before - and I was blown away. It didn't occur to me at the time but it's an obvious homage, I think rather than 'bite' of Run DMC's game changing classic, 'Sucker MCs' and a track I would forward or rewind to regularly because it was so, well, hard. Only one of my mates actually picked up a copy along with myself which I found puzzling but what the hell, they all started listening to house music anyway so fuck 'em. I'm joking of course. About the fuck 'em comment, not the house music. Well, part of me is. I hate that shit. That's why there's little mention of 'Hello Baby' over here. I don't like that tune. It was never on that tape I had either so I'm not the only one.