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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ray Rock & K.C. - The Incredible Ray

It's Sunday once again so I've picked a crate of records I haven't looked at for ages and decided that this one is in need of a little exposure in case you forgot about it. I don't remember paying much for this, probably about 3 or 4 quid a few years ago but it's a solid tune, nothing fancy, just hard rockin' drum machine driven old school niceness.

  1. The Incredible Ray
  2. Freestyling
  3. Voices without Music

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Duke - Recorded Delivery-The Royal Male EP

Decent effort by one of the UK's most well known MCs after he dropped the 'MC' of course.

  1. The Dog Catcher
  2. I'm Comin'
  3. Night Train

Def Tex - Herbs & Verbs

'Tales Of What Daddy Did' was always a fave of mine although the subject matter is not, I guess you could say, anything to like. I don't know if all these came with the lyric sheet to said track but mine did.

Def Tex - Tutorial Sessions

Superb first installment of the instrumental mini LP series from UK undergrounders Def Tex. I have all three but this is the most scarce and the best I think. Yeah, it is..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Arthur Baker - Breaker's Revenge

I had a go at Beat Street just recently for being a bit rubbish but I think this record, albeit not by any means a hardcore hip hop record, is a corker.A bit of a boring Sunday was on the cards yesterday so I grabbed a crate of records and this was the pick of the bunch as I hadn't heard it for a long time. 1984 eh, those were the days my friend..

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Jimmy Dockett - You Need Lovin' (So Do I)

Once upon a time I was a budding DJ. I started off just mixing the records I already had but then came the breaks and I was hooked. The UBB series was the only commercial source where you got 8-10 tracks with a decent and often well known break on each cut so that seemed to be the way to go. I bought 'em all first time around including the elusive first press of volume 8, (which is not this one or this one) which was pulled almost as quickly as it was released due to copyright infringements or something, not sure of the whole story there. After I quit the deejaying thing due to lagging interest I carried on buying the wax as that's a more difficult habit to kick and I came across this little beauty. I'm pretty sure it's never been used as a base on any release to date, maybe on the odd DJ set,(which is where I first clapped ears on it), at some b-boy throwdown type thing as it's certainly one for the breakers. I'm not sure if attempting to share my enthusiasm for breaks is going to go down well and I hope Mach is ok with me posting such records but we'll give it a go shall we. Your comments both positive and negative are most welcome.