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Friday, December 29, 2006

EPMD - It's My Thing/You're A Customer 12" (Fresh 1987)

EPMD is by far the illest rap group duo ever!! If anyone says otherwise I'll smack you down lol. Nah but they are my favorite group and I gotta give props to them for holding it down for so many years and still kept it fresh up to their last album. They recently got together for a show in NYC and I couldn't make it but if anyone went let me know how it was. Unfortunately I've never even seen them live, but if they come through Denver or Boulder I'm there.

EPMD definitely had a few shitty tracks on each release but the great ones made up for it. I can remember the day I first heard them, it was on Yo! MTV Raps and they were playing the video for You Gots To Chill, and seriously I went to the record store the next day and bought the tape and listened to it non-stop for like two months straight. That album for me is one of hip hops greatest albums of all time period. I would go into some history and shit but I'm pretty sure everyone knows all about them. Just download these 12's and enjoy.

X1 - It's My Thing (Club Version) (5:50)
X2 - It's My Thing (Dub Version) (5:50)
Y1 - You're A Customer (Club Version) (5:50)
Y2 - You're A Customer (Dub Version) (5:50)

Download Here

EPMD - Strictly Business 12" (Fresh 1988)

Image Hosted by

A1 - Strictly Business (Club Mix)
A2 - Strictly Business (Radio Mix)
B1 - Strictly Business (Dub)
B2 - Strictly Business (Acapella)

Download Here

EPMD - You Gots To Chill 12" (Fresh 1988)

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X1 - You Gots To Chill (Club Version) (4:25)
X2 - You Gots To Chill (Radio Version) (3:40)
Y1 - You Gots To Chill (Dub Version) (4:22)
Y2 - You Gots To Chill (Acapella) (4:06)
Y3 - You Gots To Chill (Dubapella) (4:39)

Download Here

EPMD - Strictly Business (Fresh 1988)

Image Hosted by

01 - Strictly Business (4:43)
02 - I'm Housin' (3:59)
03 - Let The Funk Flow (4:14)
04 - You Gots to Chill (4:20)
05 - It's My Thing (5:41)
06 - You're A Customer (5:23)
07 - The Steve Martin (4:37)
08 - Get Off The Bandwagon (4:19)
09 - DJ K La Boss (4:27)
10 - Jane (2:56)

Download Here

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World

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Super Mario All-Stars contains enhanced remakes of Super Mario Brothers (SMB) from 1985, SMB: The Lost Levels (1986), SMB2 (1988), SMB3 (1990) & Super Mario World (SMW)(1991).

The Super Mario Brothers run of games are hands down my alltime favorites of any game runs, especially the first one. Maybe it's because when I was a kid and I first saw SMB in the arcade it totally blew my mind. I had seen the original Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong but there was nothing quite like this game anywhere at that time. I remember dropping $10 in quarters on that game that night because that's all my mom would give me for games, and I became almost obsessed with it. My mom had a bowling league on wednesdays and that was the only time I could play it because the mall's arcade was always packed, so I'd get my weekly fix at the bowling alley. It wasn't until I moved in with my dad that I got good at it about a year later in 86. It's funny because the arcade SMB that I ended up finally beating was also at a bowling alley so for me the first SMB and bowling alley's go hand in hand lol. My best friend had gotten a NES for christmas and being able to play SMB without dropping mad amounts of quarters was fucking awesome to me. And that's when it got to the point that I could beat the game in 20 minutes easily, having memorized almost every level thoroughly. When SMB2 came out I was into it but something about it didn't seem as cool as the first one. Same with SMB3, although they both had some pretty sweet things about em. When Super Mario World came out though I felt they had added some really cool features and it made it much more interesting to me. For some reason I still can't stand the maps in 2, 3 and SMW, they're just so slow to navigate around in. The official sequal to SMW is Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island or just Yoshi's Island for short. I'll get to that game on my next post. That one is definitely my favorite of all the Marios along with the OG one.

For some very interesting info on Super Mario All-Stars check out the Wikipedia page:


Click the title or image.

ZSNES V. 1.50 Super Nintendo Emulator

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ZSNES is an emulator that emulates the Super Nintendo game console so that you can play Snes games on your computer, and it's the best one out there too. This version was just released December 21st with tons of bug fixes and other added features. I haven't had enough patience to sit down and figure out everything that this emulator does but from reading the readme.txt that comes with it, it looks like it can do tons of things besides just regular game play. About the only thing I use on a regular basis is save states, so when you get through an annoying or really hard part you can then save it and restart there if you die or decide you wanna retry a part (F2 to save, F4 to restart from that point). If you know how to do port fowarding you can use the Netplay feature which allows you to connect with another computer so you and your friend can play each other at tennis or some shit. I guess at this time only two computers can connect for Netplay. One pretty cool feature is the ability to record what you're playing, both video and audio. Here's someone beating Super Mario Brothers in 17 minutes using the ZSNES.

Playing games on an emulator is 1000 times better if you have a computer capable game controller which you should be able to find at a radio shack or other similar store for about $15-20. Once you install the driver for the game pad you're going to have to configure it for use with the ZSNES. Go into Config/Input/Keyboard Game Pad, then just click on Up - push up on your game pad, click Down, push down, etc. then just close out of that window and you're now ready for games. In the emulator world games are called ROMS and Super Nintendo roms are usually .SMC files. When you download a rom I suggest you create a folder for it and stick it in there because when you load the rom and use save states, other various files get created, so it just helps to keep your files organized. Same with the ZSNES, put it in its own folder (it doesn't install as a program, so just remember where you put the folder). To load a ROM you can either double-click it and find the zsnes through explorer or just start up the emulator and click Game/Load then use the directory to find the rom. I'll be posting occasional SNES games and maybe some others like the regular NES Emulator/games, Game Boy, and Sega Genesis. Not sure though because I'm mostly a fan of Super Nintendo, but drop me a comment if you'd like to see those.

Here's a list of Game Genie cheat codes that work for the ZSNES.

Also here's the ZSNES website for more information if you need it. Don't forget to *try* and read the readme file that comes with the emulator.

That's it, have fun and drop any questions in the comments!

This is the Windows version and it requires DirectX 8.0 or greater to run. Otherwise you will get various missing dll errors.

Sendspace Download Link
Download Here

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Maestro Fresh Wes - Symphony In Effect (LMR 1989)

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The Maestro's first two albums are straight up classics and among my favorite lp's. Almost every track on these are dope as fuck. For those that don't know, Maestro Fresh Wes is a canadian rapper/producer (one of the best emcees IMO). In 1991 at the Juno Awards in Canada, he was nominated for 5 awards in the rap category including Vocalist of the Year. He won 2 awards including Best Video for the single Drop The Needle and one for Best Rap Recording for his debut Lp Symphony In Effect.

Check out his website at, his Wikipedia page, and also his MySpace page.

01 - Drop the Needle
02 - Untouchable
03 - The Mic's My Piece
04 - LTD's on the Wheel(s) of Fortune w/ Farley Flex
05 - I'm Showin' You
06 - Let Your Backbone Slide (Power Mix)
07 - Private Symphony w/ Corey "Koko" Whittington
08 - Just Swingin' w/ Ebony MC
09 - The Maestro
10 - Tear It Up
11 - Fortissimo

Download Here

Maestro Fresh Wes - Black Tie Affair (LMR 1991)

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Two extra tracks including a 45 King remix makes this album even better than it already is.

01 - Hors D'Ouevres
02 - On the Jazz Tip
03 - Conductin' Thangs
04 - Watchin' Zeros Grow
05 - Private Symphony (Remix) w/ Carlos Morgan
06 - Poetry Is Black
07 - Black Tie Affair
08 - V.I.P.'s Only w/ K-4ce
09 - L.T.D. Makes a Toast
10 - The Maestro Zone
11 - Nothin' at All
12 - Pass the Champagne w/ Thrust, R Small, Spark, K Scam, and Farley Flex
13 - An After Dinner Mint
14 - Care for a Night Cap?
15 - Coductin' Thangs (Dub Mix)
16 - Drop The Needle (45 King Remix)

Download Here

Friday, December 22, 2006

MC Rell & The Houserockers - Into The Future (PolyGram 1989)

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01 - Into the Future
02 - Soundwave Sermon
03 - Common Knowledge
04 - My Vision
05 - Life Of an Entertainer
06 - Hole In My Pocket
07 - Something About It
08 - Brainstorm
09 - I'm Slammin'
10 - The Rell Thing

Download Here

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Black Panther V1 #01-05 (Marvel 1977)

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This is part 1 of a 3 part Black Panther post that I'll be doing of the original Marvel run back in 1977 (not to be confused as his first series in Jungle Action V2 #06-24 1973-76, which I'll post some other time).

Download Here

Monday, December 18, 2006

Silver Surfer The Ultimate Cosmic Experience Graphic Novel (Fireside 1978)

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Silently streaking through the skyways of space he soars, one gleaming figure, endowed with power such as mortal man has never known, yet helpless before a specter of horror which threatens to destroy the entire human race! The Silver Surfer! Only he stands between the hapless planet earth and the menace of Galactus! Only he against the most terrible threat in all the universe. The Silver Surfer! Never have you beheld such high adventure, such pulse-pounding romance, such wondrous spectacle! Join him in a saga that spans the galaxies! The Silver Surfer! He who dares to challenge a god! Truly, a visual feast for your unleashed imagination. Behold you now--the Silver Surfer! You'll never see his like again!

Download Here

Jungle Brothers - Black Is Black 12" (Gee Street 1989)

A1 - Black Is Black (Ultimatum Mix)
A2 - Ultrablack (Feat. the De La Soul Sound)
B1 - Straight Out The Jungle (Remix)
B2 - In Time

Download Here

Jungle Brothers - Beyond This World 12" (Warner 1989)

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A1 - Beyond This World (LP Version) (4:08)
A2 - Beyond This World (Instrumental) (4:01)
B1 - Promo No. 2 (Mind Review '89) (3:28)
B2 - Beyond This World (Bone-a-Baby Bam Beat Version) (1:34)
B3 - Beyond This World (A Capella Version) (:38)

Download Here

Jungle Brothers - What U Waitin' 4? 12" (Warner 1990)

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01 - What 'U' Waitin' 4? (Jungle Fever Edit)
02 - What 'U' Waitin' 4? (Love Ride & Orchestra Mix)
03 - J. Beez Comin' Through (Remix)
04 - What 'U' Waitin' 4? (Jungle Fever Mix)

Download Here

Jungle Brothers - Doin' Our Own Dang 12" (Warner 1990)

01 - Doin' Our Own Dang (Featuring A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Monie Love, & Queen Latifah) (Do It To The JB's) (6:42)
02 - Doin' Our Own Dang (Norman Cook Remix) (4:19)
03 - Doin' Our Own Dang (Richie Fermie Remix) (5:15)
04 - Doin' Our Own Dang (Do It To The JB's Mix) (6:34)

Download Here

Thursday, December 14, 2006

YZ - Tower With The Power 12" (Tuff City 1990)

Got another YZ gem just last night from my man Suleiman so I'm gonna throw this up. Ya better grab it now!!

01 - Tower With the Power (12" Mix)
02 - Tower With the Power (Hunky Dory Mix #1)
03 - Tower With the Power (Hunky Dory Mix #2)
04 - Tower With the Power (Instrumental)

Download Here (

Tower With The Power Video

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

YZ - EP (Tuff City 1991)

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I recently noticed Wake Your Daughter Up posted these YZ joints and even linked that dope interview and his Myspace page so this is redundant material. Well not really because YZ is worthy of the attention. Down with Tony D since back in the day, their business was known as Two Tone productions. After/during Tony's work with Poor Righteous Teachers, he hooked up with YZ to make some incredible music. A perfect match similar to Mark the 45 King and Lakim Shabazz, the symbiotic relationship of the two goes down in my book as some of the best emcee/producer collabs. YZ drops knowledge and bragadoccio rhymes on that ass while Tony carresses us with syrupy sweet beats and samples. Check out this awesome YZ interview here for more info on the PRT/YZ-Tony D beef. While you're at it check YZ's Myspace page for the latest info.

01 - When The Road Is Covered With Snow (4:09)
02 - Taggin' It Up (3:16)
03 - Thinking Of A Master Plan (Remix Instrumental) (3:35)
04 - Mixel Plic (Remix) (4:29)
05 - Go YZ (0:41)
06 - Crocodile Dundee (5:49)

Download Here

YZ - Sons Of The Father (Tuff City 1990)

Image Hosted by

01 - Intro & Sons Of The Father
02 - In Control Of Things
03 - Back Again
04 - I'm Workin'
05 - Get It Right (Put On Your Bally Shoes)
06 - Mixel Plic Remix
07 - Tower With The Power
08 - Spank-Ed
09 - Who's That Girl
10 - Taggin' It Up
11 - Diss Fe Liar
12 - Thinking Of A Master Plan
13 - Father's Exit & Outro


Download Here

Who's That Girl Video

YZ & G. Rock - In Control Of Things 12" (Missing Instrumentals) (Tuff City 1989)

Special thanks to Travis over at Wake Your Daughter Up for this one!

I'm In The Party (Vocal)
In Control Of Things (Vocal)
On A Friday (Hip Hop)
On A Friday (House)
Thinking Of A Master Plan

Download Here

In Control Of Things Video

Monday, December 11, 2006

Young Black Teenagers - Loud & Hard To Hit 12" (SOUL/MCA 1991)

A1 - Loud & Hard To Hit (3:31)
A2 - Korner Groove (3:57)
B1 - Loud & Hard To Hit (Instrumental) (3:31)
B2 - Korner Groove (Instrumental) (3:57)

Download Here

Young Black Teenagers - Young Black Teenagers (SOUL/MCA 1991)

Image Hosted by

01 - Punks, Lies & Video Tape
02 - Korner Groove
03 - Traci
04 - First Stage Of A Rampage Called The Rap Rage
05 - Nobody Knows Kelli
06 - Daddy Kalled Me Niga Cause I Likeded To Rhyme
07 - Chillin' Wit Me Posse
08 - Mack Daddy Don Of The Underworld
09 - Loud And Hard To Hit
10 - My TV Went Black And White On Me
11 - Proud To Be Black
12 - To My Donna
13 - My Color TV

Download Here

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Army Of Darkness Mini-Series 1-3 (Dark Horse 1992)

Image Hosted by

I shouldn't have to say anything about this lol. This comic is the complete adaptation of the Army of Darkness movie! Ill as fuck.


MediaFire Download

Clive Barker's Rawhead Rex Comic/Graphic Novel (Eclipse 1993)

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Now I know alot of you could care less about things like comics (especially in digital format) but I've always been a huge fan of them since I was a kid, in particular Marvel comics. So I'll be occasionally be posting some here and there just for the hell of it. I'm not a ultra comic nerd like alot of the dudes in the DC++ hubs (no diss), so don't go and try an start a comic discussion with me, although I can probably find a particular one if you're looking.

So anyways, I'm starting off my comic book posts with a friggin banger. If you're not familiar with Clive Barker or Rawhead Rex you gotta check this out because it's fucking bad ass! I originally saw the movie when it came out and loved it. I've never read the book and I'm sure the movie sucks as an adaption but this is more up my alley. Here's an excerpt from the cover:

Thomas Garrow just stood and watched. There was nothing in him but awe. Fear was not for those who still had a chance of life. Thomas Garrow had none. He stared into the pitiless face of Rawhead Rex. Rawhead it was called because its head was huge and raw like meat. It was the last of a line of kings dating from before civilization, before Christ, when England was forest all over... and the home of unspeakable horror. The most famous and powerful story came from Clive Barker's Books of Blood is here unforgettably illustrated. The incomparable talent of Les Edwards brings ancient evil to life.

.cbr file (use CDisplay (Windows) or Comical to view cbr or cbz (comic) files, which are basically archived jpeg files renamed.)

Download Here

Red Hot Lover Tone - Red Hot Lover Tone (Select 1992)

Image Hosted by

01 - True Confessions
02 - Da Gigolow
03 - Winderella
04 - Porgee
05 - Like a Virgin
06 - D.I.Y.M.
07 - In the Business
08 - I Like
09 - Gigolow Thing
10 - Never Love
11 - Pussy's All That
12 - Give It Up
13 - It Burns
14 - Li'l Boy Blu
15 - Gigolows Got It Going On
16 - Gotta Run
17. Sex Anonymous
18. My Lady

Download Here

Red Hot Lover Tone - Pussy's All That 12" (Select 1992)

A1 - Pussy's All That (Dirty Mix) (3:03)
A2 - Pussy's All That (Clean Vocal) (3:02)
A3 - Pussy's All That (Dirty Instrumental) (3:00)
B1 - D.I.Y.M. (Dirty Vocal Mix) (3:08)
B2 - D.I.Y.M. (Instrumental) (3:02)
B3 - D.I.Y.M. (Clean Vocal Mix) (2:57)

Download Here

The Jaz - Ya Don't Stop 12" (EMI 1991)

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A1 - The Sign of the Crimes (4:30)
A2 - Hypocritters (4:00)
A3 - A Groove (This Is What You Rap 2) (4:07)
B1 - Rhymes For Da Funny Farm (4:45)
B2 - It's Your Nature (6:06)
B3 - It's That Simple (Featuring Jay-Z) (4:11)

Download Here

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Jaz - Word To The Jaz (EMI 1989)

Image Hosted by

01 - Dance To This
02 - Pumpin'
03 - Hawaiian Sophie (Featuring Jay-Z)
04 - Give A Little Extra
05 - Fun
06 - Word To The Jaz
07 - Let's Play House
08 - Boost Up The Family
09 - Shana
10 - I Can Dig Rappin'
11 - Look Out
12 - Buss The Speaker

Download Here

The Jaz - To Your Soul (EMI 1990)

Image Hosted by

01 - Put The Squeeze On 'Em (3:50)
02 - It's That Simple (Featuring Jay-Z) (4:11)
03 - A Groove (This Is What U Rap 2) (3:50)
04 - Abnormal (3:23)
05 - Ease Up Jaz (3:54)
06 - I'll Smoke You (3:50)
07 - Doped Up (4:51)
08 - To Your Soul (4:05)
09 - Flag Of The Mahdi (2:22)
10 - A Nation Divided (4:29)
11 - Why? (4:27)
12 - Black Man In Charge (2:55)
13 - The Originators (Featuring Jay-Z) (4:11)
14 - Not Shoutin' Out (1:05)

Download Here

The UMC's - One To Grow On 12" (Wildpitch 1991)

Image Hosted by

A1 - One To Grow On (Growin Like Weeds) (4:45)
A2 - One To Grow On (As Tall As Manute Bol Instrumental) (3:41)
A3 - One To Grow On (Couldn't Get No Better) (3:33)
B1 - Swing It To The Area (Side Show Bob Recreation) (2:58)
B2 - Swing It To The Area (Island Nation Anthem) (3:14)
B3 - Swing It To The Area (Heebee Jeebeez Instrumental) (3:30)

Download Here

The UMC's - Blue Cheese 12" (Wildpitch 1991)

Image Hosted by

A1 - Blue Cheese (U-N-I-Verse-All)
A2 - Blue Cheese (Smooth)
A3 - Blue Cheese (Vocaless)
B1 - Anyway The Wind Blows (Whirlwind)
B2 - Anyway The Wind Blows (Boom Of The Typhoon)
B3 - Anyway The Wind Blows (Bass Interface)
B4 - Anyway The Wind Blows (Vocaless)

Download Here

The UMC's - Never Never Land 12" (Interscope 1991)

A1 - Never Never Land (Remix)
A2 - Never Never Land (Full Version)
A3 - Never Never Land (Instrumental)
B1 - Never Never Land (Phase Mix)
B2 - Hey, Here We Go (Full Version)
B3 - Hey, Here We Go (Instrumental)

Download Here

Monday, December 04, 2006

X-Clan - Grand Verbalizer 12" (4th & Broadway 1990)

A1 - Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It? (Epitome Mix)
A2 - Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It? (Epitome Instrumental)
B1 - Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It? (Blackwatch Mix)

Download (Massmirror)

X-Clan - Funkin' Lesson 12" (4th & Broadway 1990)

A1 - Funkin' Lesson (Part II) (Remix - Stereo MC's)
B1 - Funkin' Lesson (Original)
B2 - Funkin' Lesson (Remix Instrumental)

Download (MassMirror)

X-Clan - Raise The Flag 12" Single (4th & Broadway 1989)

A1 - Raise The Flag
A2 - Raise The Flag (Instrumental)
B1 - Heed The Word Of The Brother
B2 - Heed The Word Of The Brother (Instrumental)


Download (MassMirror)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

360 Degrees - Years to Build/Pelon 12" (Pelon 1988)

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

I got to give another mad props to my man theessence for this single and some other gems I'mma post another time. This was ripped by him and what a special treat this is. A 1212 classic, with Paul C on the boards and drum programming, production by Harvey Jr. (who?) and MC Ses (who!?) on the mic, these tracks have potential and I have no idea why they didn't make an Lp (maybe they did and I'm missing it) (me looks through Bust The Facts lol). Get this now for your collection!

A1 - The Producer Speaks (1:47)
A2 - Years To Build (2:42)
B1 - Pelon (3:12)
B2 - Pelon (3:47)

Download Here

Marley Marl feat. Craig G - Droppin' Science (Cold Chillin' 1988)

Image Hosted by

I gotta give mad props to my man Suleiman for hooking me up with so many 12's, these two Craig G singles are dope as fuck and I want to give thanks bro! I admit back in the day I slept on Craig G and now I regret it, the man is dope and has rhymes comin out his ass. The Kingpin is just ok to me but Now, That's More Like It has both Marley and Craig in true form so download that shit if you already didn't. Yeah I know I posted it down below but I just got these two 12's from Sulei so I'm posting these up right away! Enjoy.

A1 - Droppin' Science (Vocal)
B1 - Droppin' Science (Hip Hop Version)
B2 - Droppin' Science (Bonus Beats)

Download Here

MC Craig G - Transformer 12" (Pop Art 1985)

Image Hosted by

A - Transformer (5:33)
B - Transformer (Def Mix) (5:10)

Download Here

Kings Of Pressure - Slang Teacher (Next Plateau 1989)

Image Hosted by

Another favorite album from this era, The Kings Of Pressure originally had a different line-up than the one that performed on this album (and apparently were better too). Keith Shocklee and Eric Sadler managed and directed the KOP and it shows in the production. This is the CD version that has 4 extra tracks including the awesome Bomb Squad produced You Know How To Reach Us which features an earlier line-up of the group. Classic shit for that ass!

01 - Gator Posse
02 - Rappers Have Feelings
03 - So Simple
04 - Call Me On The Telephone
05 - Who's Gonna Take The Bait
06 - Brains Unchained
07 - Smooth As A Violin
08 - Slang Teacher
09 - Tales From The Darkside
10 - Nozy Bodies
11 - Give Me The Mike
12 - You Know How To Reach Us
13 - Tales From The Darkside (Cut Shock Mix)
14 - You Know How To Reach Us (Dub)

Download Here

Friday, December 01, 2006

Freddie Foxxx - Crazy Like A Foxxx (Epic Street 1994)

Image Hosted by

Here's maximus' request. For some reason the copy I have is missing the intro and intro 2, oh well probably shitty skits anyway.

01 - Can't Break Away
02 - Crazy Like a Foxxx
03 - So Tough w/ Queen Latifah
04 - Daddy Boot Knock
05 - Project Mice
06 - Jailhouse Rock
07 - Rev Glock
08 - Meet Some Skinz
09 - Shottie In the Back
10 - Funk In Ya Brain
11 - Step
12 - Raw Skill
13 - Pressure On the Brain
14 - So Tough (Mellow Mix)
15 - Mr. Microphone
16 - Amen

Download Here

Craig G - Now That's More Like It (Atlantic 1991)

Image Hosted by

01 - Intro
02 - What You're Used To
03 - Girl Fever
04 - Take the Bait
05 - Somem to Swing To
06 - I Want to Be in Luv
07 - Give It to Me
08 - Intro II
09 - Ripped to Streads
10 - Ummm!!!!
11 - Smoothing Out the Rough Spots
12 - Feel Ya Way
13 - No Favors
14 - Word Association
15 - U-R-Not the 1
16 - Swiftness
17 - Live Off the Top
18 - Going for the Throat

Download (MassMirror)

Double XX Posse - Put Ya Boots On (Big Beat 1992)

Image Hosted by

01 - Put Ya Boots On
02 - Headcracker
03 - Pure Thing
04 - Somethin' Funky Ta Step To
05 - Get Ya Props Up
06 - Executive Class
07 - Girls Be Frontin'
08 - Not Gonna Be Able to Do It
09 - Addicted to the Game
10 - Ruffneck
11 - Executive Class II
12 - We Got It Goin' On
13 - School of Hard Knocks
14 - Get Mines or Get Naked
15 - We Got It Goin' On (Remix)

Download Here