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Sunday, July 08, 2012

2 Live Crew - What I Like

I traded something for this around '85 or '86. I had another mate who liked to buy records and he didn't buy this he got it in a trade before me. He used to really badger me to trade records and I would almost always give in just to get him off my case but I think I came out on top with this one. Our musical tastes differed a bit too; I liked the electro style but favoured the heavy, thundering beats and he would lean more towards Pretty Tony or Miami bass style stuff. He loved Pretty Tony. We were both interested in DJ cuttin' up style tracks as we were both aspiring DJs ourselves but our styles were different again; he would perfect his mixing skills and I would just stand there scratchin' to a beat until I thought I'd perfected that.I was surprised when he put this up for trade because it was right up his street musically speaking and I can't remember what I gave up for it. I don't ever remember instigating a trade either. The wax is a little knackered in parts dur to me scratching sounds off it, in particular the 'fresh' sound right at the end but it still sounds stoopid def, even today. 2 Live Crew's best record? I think it might be.