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Friday, July 31, 2009

Witchdoctor & The Dominating 3 MCs - Kickin' It Live

When I was a young 'un I listened to the late great John Peel's radio show every night religiously just to hear the hip hop as he was the only DJ playing it at the time, amongst other oddities and weirdness of course. I heard this one on that show and managed to get a copy some days later from Roulette records in Sheffield (which is now a sandwich shop) and it cost £12.99. I know this because I still have it today and it's a dope piece of wax, one I'd never want to sell, firin' on every level. 'Rock The House' became my personal favourite mainly because of the rhyming style but also the beat is off the chain, very experimental, no-one would do such a thing today. The cover's good too. One of them has a red shiny coat on and white moon boots. Also very experimental, no-one would do such a thing today and he probably shouldn't have back then. the password is 'tothebreakofdawn'. Didn't mean to do that, force of habit.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boogie Down Productions - Stop The Violence 12" (1988)

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A1 Stop The Violence (Extended Mix) (5:41)
A2 Stop The Violence (Single Edit) (3:42)
B1 Jimmy (4:11)
B2 Stop The Violence (Instrumental) (5:02)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anyone want to contribute to my blog?

I just wanted to apologize to everyone that I haven't posted anything new and haven't gotten to any re-ups. I would like to give the usual excuse that I've been so busy and have lost interest but I'll save that for some other dickhead. Soooo.....

If there's any of you out there that would like to contribute to this blog I would really appreciate the help. I'm not even sure if people still visit but together we can hopefully bring it back from the dead. If I don't get any responses after a week or so I'll probably end up re-upping every dead link and still add albums so don't worry about me shutting it down. If anyone's interested I personally try to stick to out of print east coast shit from 84 to about 94 but wouldn't mind stuff outside of that but I do want to try and stay true to out of print for the obvious reasons of not getting shut down and to the artists & labels who actually make some money on retail sales.

Just post in the comments and I'll see about getting you onboard to make some noise.