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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fantasy Three - The Buck Stops Here

When I first heard Streetsounds Electro 5 I couldn't decide whether I liked 'B Boys Breakdance' or this the best. Volume 5 is filled with classics and is arguably the greatest of the whole series. I had every one of those on the 12" vinyl format at one time or another but the aforementioned two beauties are the pick of the bunch for me. It's the B-side again too. The A-side track, 'Summer' is almost the same but has a bit of singing and is a bit less heavy. I didn't appreciate singing on hardcore b boy tunes in 1984. I'm not too bothered nowadays either but I've mellowed a little. We probably all have. It's these kinds of records that bring 1984 back though. Spinning around (not like Kylie) on a piece of cardboard on the side of the road while your 'JVC vibrated the concrete'. Everyone was into it and it was great. There's only me left now and you lot of course. Everyone else fell off and started listening to Boyzone or Elvis. I can't do that. Apart from wanting to stab myself in the eardrum I don't feel anything when I hear groups like that. This is a regular on my ipod along with all the early eighties classics and I never get tired of hearing them. It's in me all the time and I'm certain it'll never fade. Happy days.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Fresh Gordon - Gordy's Groove

I had to order this from the counter. I didn't know you could do that. My mate informed me when I was checking the import box in Virgin and there was nothing I wanted to buy. I went down the next weekend and the guy behind the counter, who was getting to know me a little as I was in there every Saturday, (usually when they had just opened for business), told me my record had come in. What, it only took a week? Sure I was surprised and maybe a little excited (I was about 15 or 16) and it was still sealed. I know the majority of records come factory sealed these days but when you bought them back then most of the time the seal had been broken already as folk wanted to hear a snippet before parting with their 6 quid because the internet hadn't been invented yet. Neither had hip hop radio, apart from Sir Jonathon Peel of course but he didn't have everything so you had to spin a few before purchase as you could end up missing the freshest slice of wax and it would be another week or maybe even two before you had enough for the next one and, well you get the picture. Times were hard. And my mate who I met every week outside the shop on the High Street never bought a damn thing. Ever. Except for a Simple Minds tape. But I mentioned him before..