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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off 12" (Cold Chillin' 1988)

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A1 - Set It Off (Extended Mix)
B1 - Get Into It
B2 - Set It Off


Download (MassMirror)


scrams said...

massmirror has been down for the past few days, all BDK links are dead... can you PLEASE re-up?

Tim said...

Yeah, links are not working for me either, unfortunately.

By the way, thanks for the great posts!

Anonymous said...

please re-up guvner

ILLustrious said...

also thanks for this, i didnt have this one in my collection, now i do, thanks to you! : )


a-one said...

i grabbed all of these kane joints even though i think i had them already. can never be too sure! thanks!

The Gosub Routine said...


I gotta have me some 'set it off' extended style, as it's one of my favourites of his!

cheers Mach!

toilet said...

I don't suppose you could re-up the link to this? Set It Off is my favourite ever hip hop record and I've never heard the extended mix.

I'm sure I heard somewhere that this is actually the 45 king on production.