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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Jaz - Word To The Jaz (EMI 1989)

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01 - Dance To This
02 - Pumpin'
03 - Hawaiian Sophie (Featuring Jay-Z)
04 - Give A Little Extra
05 - Fun
06 - Word To The Jaz
07 - Let's Play House
08 - Boost Up The Family
09 - Shana
10 - I Can Dig Rappin'
11 - Look Out
12 - Buss The Speaker


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072 said...

Maestro Fresh Wes-Black Tie Affair
RE-UP prease!!!

Throwback music said...

What up? Can you re up this to another file sharing service. Can't get it from this one. Where is the link to dl on the site?

Machiventa said...

the link is dead. i'll re-upload it in the next few days. i'm away from most of my files right now.

Anonymous said...