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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Arabian Prince - It's A Dope Thang

I first heard this whilst walking through the city centre in Sheffield (UK). Loads of b-boy types, writers and whatnot used to gather in a particular place and they happened to have this on the 'boombox' or whatever you want to call it and I loitered a little to try and catch any words I might remember to try and find it (no internet back then, how the hell did we live our lives?!) but failed until a mate of mine gave me the heads up after he bought his 'Brother Arab' LP when it first came out, (which he gave me later) and I eventually got a copy in 1999. The other 2 tracks, 'Hoggie Doggie' and 'Gettin' Down' are alright but the beat on 'Dope Thang' hits so hard it's difficult to give the others any time at all. B-side wins once again. Password is 'tothebreakofdawn'.


Anonymous said...

dead link

Anonymous said...

muitom e se lp gostei