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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cutmaster DC - That's Life

The mighty Cutmaster's debut 12" is not his best but worth a listen. It was released in 1983 and I would say that is is exactly what you'd expect a rap record from 1983 to sound like. The first record I bought of his was 'Night Before Christmas' and I will admit to only really purchasing this to complete my Cutmaster DC 12" collection. I do like his rap style though. At least he put some effort in to it and keeps to the beat, not like nowadays with these young 'uns.. Just a vocal and instrumental on here although there is an official release with a picture sleeve knocking around, not sure if there are extra versions on there. Pass is 'tothebreakofdawn'.

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Anonymous said...

Cutmaster dc was also featured performing some incredible transformer scratching on .
The maniacs - bum mc's.