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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disco Four - Get Busy

I've been walking to work (only part of the way) for a few months now to try and combat the inevitable middle age spread which has enabled me to listen to a lot more music than I normally would on my ipod thingy. I was trudging along in the pissing rain this morning and this came on and cheered me up a little as it's the kind of record I remember when I was a young 'un. Initial exposure for me was the B-side on John Peel's radio show and it must've been good because he played it on two seperate occasions and he didn't do that too often. The latest Fatlace podcast/radio show has some decent offerings too and they recall, albeit brief memories of John Peel's radio show as they're a couple of Northeners like myself and John Peel was the man for hip hop back then if you didn't live anywhere near that London so that's partly why I uploaded it today. And it's produced by Teddy Riley, which I'd forgotten, who made some thumpin' records before taking a turn down swingbeat & R & B Avenue and making some more commercial tunes aimed at the girls amongst us. This is quality though. Firin', speaker bustin', wife botherin', heavy drum machine driven hip hop and I love it.

  1. Get Busy (Radio Edit)
  2. Get Busy
  3. Get Busy (dub)
  4. Stomp, Stomp, Clap
  5. Stomp, Stomp, Clap (Instrumental

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Short Fat Sally - Sally's Attack

I won this on ebay last week for less than 3 quid which I thought was a bargain. I had never heard the A-side before but the B-side was always a personal fave of mine as DJ Cash Money gets busy good style on the scratching cut. I used to love the way he cut up the fat boys' 'come on beatbox play one for me', (which still sounds dope today), on 'You're A Pest' and I tried to emulate that many a time I can tell you. 'Sally's' Attack' is the inferior cut in my opinion but her name should win an award even though 'The Human Beat Breath' could be conceived to be a little disgusting sounding. Oh yeah, and they spelled 'you're' as 'your' on the label which is a schoolboy error and should've been corrected before going to press.

  1. Sally's Attack
  2. Your A Pest (Feat. Mac Fresh)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

World Class Wreckin' Cru - Best Of

I wouldn't consider myself to be a very big fan of the Wreckin' Cru but I do like the debut single a lot. Songs such as 'Juice' with it's heavy breathing, 'House Calls' and the diabolical 'Lovers' were never really my cup o' tea even though I did once own two out the last three that I mentioned. 'Surgery' however is a fine record indeed and the version on this comp, although it is not listed as such on the label or the sleeve, is a remix and a pretty good remix too even though it does sound very much like the original. I think the lyrics are brilliant too and it's one track I know all the words to and can mime to in my room whilst rockin' the b-boy stance. Yeah right. Also please, no mention of the shiny suits and lip gloss, thanks.

  1. The Fly
  2. World Class
  3. Surgery (Remix)
  4. Juice
  5. Lovers
  6. House Calls
  7. Cabbage Patch
Man, the freaks ain't freakin'

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're still looking for more contributors!

Want to become part of To The Break Of Dawn? We're looking for anyone wanting to share out of print hip hop, electro, freestyle, dance... anything with a dope beat. Leave a comment with your email address or better yet shoot an email to machiventa858 at yahoo dot com and I'll add you to our list of funky dope contributors.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DJ Black Steel - The Original Wild Style Breakbeats

I was 'suffering' with a bit of a cold last weekend so I stayed in bed an extra couple of hours and decided to watch 'Beat Street'. Now, I haven't seen it for a number of years and I have to say, it's pretty bad (and that's bad meaning bad). I searched for the Rocksteady bits, watched Melle Mel do his thing right at the end and swiftly switched to the superior and infinitely more entertaining 'Wild Style'. The music is real hip hop, the graff is real graff and the people are the subjects of the whole thing are the real deal too, (which is obvious from the acting but what the hell). Check out the Beat Street OST if you haven't and just count how many real hip hop tracks are on there and, considering there are two volumes, it's really not that many. Compare those to the one volume of Wild Style and it goes without saying that the music is more relevant to the whole movement even now. Watch Wild Style and not Beat Street for true hip hop legends. Jazzy Jay and Kool Herc only have bit parts in Beat Street and even Melle Mel is impersonated for the first verse of the title track. What the hell were they thinking?

  1. Dixie Theme
  2. Wild Style Theme
  3. Hectic Style
  4. Down By Law
  5. Playtime
  6. The chase
  7. Wild Break
  8. Subway
  9. Crime Does Not Pay
  10. Gangbusters
  11. The Ampitheatre
  12. South Bronx Theme
  13. Military Breakbeat

Sunday, March 07, 2010

2 Live Crew - The Revelation / 2 Live

Been after this 12" for longer than I can remember now but that good-things-come-to-those-who-wait business has paid off for once. I put up the B-side scan as that is the tune I remember the most. In fact I don't remember anyone ever playing the A-side when I was a kid, it was 'bea...bea...beatbox' all the way. It could sound a little minimal to new ears but I was real pleased when it was delivered on Friday and it sounds just as fresh as the first time. To me at least.

  1. The Revelation
  2. 2 Live