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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Captain Rock - Cosmic Blast

I purchased the Street Sounds UK Fresh reunion DVD just a few weeks ago as I wasn't able to attend and have tio say I was a little disappointed with the Captain's performance. Not sure what I was expecting after all these years (how old is he now, in his late 40s or early 50s?) but he came on in his captain's uniform and ended up up bare chested after strutting around the stage rapping along to his old classics, (and let's face facts, they are classics) including this one, my own personal fave of the bunch. I didn't actually buy this until probably around 1987-88 as US imports were hard to come by and also I was just a kid in '84 and had zero cash most of the time. The Street Sounds Electro series of LPs were a godsend to UK heads like myself and 5 & 6 were on constant rotation, this 12" being on volume 6. Ripped the wax almost immediately after watching him and I was blown away almost like hearing it for the first time. And I can still remember all the words. Stone cold classic business right here, 320kbps rip.___ p.s. don't be put off buying the double DVD; if you're 40 something it's feckin' awesome to see the B-Boys with Chuck Chillout, Newcleus, Arthur Baker and the Captain amongst others. Not too keen on the new electro stuff though, sounds too much like house music to me..

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