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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ultimate Choice Feat. Finesse & T.L.C. - You Can't Front

I got this mid last year and for a very reasonable price too. Been on my wants list for a heck of a long time after playing it to death on and old Mike Allen tape and I can't really afford to pay hiked up ridiculous 'random rap' prices so let it slide for some time until I got lucky. It's these kinds of records that you just couldn't get a hold of when they first dropped unless you lived in that London place or traveled there every week and there was no chance of that for me being an honest Northerner with limited cash available. There still isn't. So thank goodness the internet has made the world a smaller place and I don't have to get off my arse and go hunting for wax any more. And neither do you. I hope it's been worth the wait 'cos I think it's a dope slice of true hip hop that hasn't been shared much, if at all, in it's entirety and at the time of writing there's none on ebay but five on discogs, the cheapest being 40 euros which is about 30-35 English pounds that also being more than I can allow myself these days to spend on records per week. Anyway, happy new year, sorry it took me so long and I do hope it's not an anti-climax because it really shouldn't be. Long live real hip hop.


Anonymous said...

you see the great thing about your
blog concerning electro funk is I
do not have to search through tons
of rubbish and cliches to get some great electro
tracks.Never heard this one before but its great and I look forward to your future posts as
others should as it looks like
you are leading the way in electro
greatness and it is an education for
me even though I grew up listening
to electro from about 1982

moyinka said...

i'm glad you like it. whether we are 'leading the way in electro greatness' or not is debatable i think but i appreciate the comment all the same. thought a decent rip of this 12" might attract a few more but never mind eh, one's better than zip.

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Hopper said...

Can't wait to listen to this may man.
Thanks - been looking for it

moyinka said...

you're welcome Hopper.