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Saturday, April 28, 2012

DJ Red Alert - Hip Hop On Wax Volume 2

I wasn't that keen on this at one time. DJ Red Alert wasn't a big deal for me. Chuck Chillout's effort was much better, the cuttin' and scratchin' much heavier and harder, more to it altogether. I would have even said that this was slower and less interesting but I would be wrong. It has a darker sound to it, what with the sirens and that sinister sounding BT Express bass line he keeps dropping in. I love that. It was in the crate for a heck of a long time until I heard the P Brothers 'Zulu Beat' mixtape and I got an urge to spin it again. And I would say that both volumes are roughly the same tempo. Funny how you remember things. We use to b-boy to this one in my mates basement in '84. Didn't get my own copy until about 2003 and then I nearly didn't due to a dodgy ebay seller trying to tell me it had been 'on a shelf in the post office' where he'd mailed it and 'they'd forgot about it'. What kinda story is that?


Anonymous said...

have not heard this since I
was a kid never heard the bonus
beats which are excellent
thanks love this kind of experimental electro stuff

moyinka said...

no worries mr. A, more when I've a sec.

Anonymous said...

Possible to get a re-up on this & if you have DJ Chuck Chillout Hip On Wax Vol. 1 also?