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Monday, October 01, 2012

Schoolly D - P.S.K. What Does It Mean?

If ever there was a record that reminded me of The Limit club on a Saturday afternoon then this has to be it. I think it was Steinski who was talking about the first time he went to see the Cold Crush Brothers on one of those old school docs. I can't remember which one it's on but as soon as he described walking towards the entrance - he puts his hand over his mouth muffling the beats to try and imitate how it sounded as he walked towards the door - and he opened the door and the sound wave hit him in the face like a giant sledge hammer. He then goes on to say he went with his then girl and she wanted a drink from the bar so he gave her some cash or bought two or something and told her to knock herself out as he just wanted to hear the music. Well that's how it was in the Limit, except the bar was always closed. You walked down some steps from the street level door and you could hear the beats pounding as if there was a towel over the speakers or something and you opened the door and stepped inside and it was like 50 sledge hammers bashing the shit out of your whole body. DJ Mongoose had the baddest tunes around and when he played this one you could stand on the spot near the door and still end up getting bass pummeled to the other side of the room by the end of the track. Fairly disconcerting for a 14 year old who's never been to a nightclub before. It's still the loudest music I've ever heard and I'd give my left nut to go back just once more. One of my all time faves to this day.


Mike Check said...

Ah, an all time classic. And for me that beat never dates, never fades and never gets boring. Schooly D was so on point in his early years.

Mr.Brown said...

I remember first hearing this in 86 on a mix tape. These songs changed the game forever.

moyinka said...

yep, a true classic. took me ages to get a hold of a copy too. we had tapes knocking about in the 'olden days' with varying qualities but the hiss was always louder than the music.

Phil PieNears said...

Ahh.. the Limit club. I remember jumping on a bus that Mick Mott organised from Ripley markeyplace one or two saturdays ago in 87/88. It was colder than Hoth in that place. Some of the limit club crowd came to Ripley for the Chaplins jams on saturdays as well

moyinka said...

I think I might have an old flyer for one of the Ripley jams although I never went myself. Mick Mott rings a bell. Aka MC Groove aka Blue Eyes?

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