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Saturday, November 24, 2012

T La Rock - He's Incredible

An old friend traded this one with me in '86 and I still love it. On the picture sleeve we see 'T' - I'd call him Terry but only close friends call him that - in an all black combo complete with white gloves and rocking a name belt so we always know who he is. I had one of those name belts and looking at this picture I kinda wish I still had it now. B boys in their droves looked slightly out of place buying letters for their belts from a shop in the city that sold rock music type clothing if I remember right because of the overpowering smell of petunia oil that smacked you in the face when you walked in. It took me a few weeks to man up and step in there in my track suit and superstars complete with wide laces and be stared at by these stinking heavy metallers - sorry, but you did - and say my DJ name out loud to the bloke behind the counter. He got the letters out and placed them on the glass counter. 'Like that?' he said. 'No, there's an 'N' in it' I said. I can't remember the total cost but I think the letters were 50p and there were 8 in my chosen name. I do remember polishing it a few times as the letters lost their sheen over time and a tin of Brasso came to the rescue. I can't remember what I did with it but it more than likely went in the bin. Shame.