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Friday, January 11, 2013

Douge Fresh - Just Having Fun

Back in my b-boying days we used to wander the streets looking for something I guess but I couldn't tell you what. I remember one of the crew - we chose the moniker 'Faze 4' -  having a decent ghetto blaster and he'd carry it almost anywhere. I think it would be weird to see a load of kids bollockin' about the streets these days with a large carryable object pounding out loud music but we did it and I am not ashamed. I only mention this because you know when sometimes you remember odd stuff for no known reason and it's not really a significant memory? Well I just remember him saying one night mid Streetsounds Electro 6, 'Shall I rewind to the Roxannes or fast forward to the beatbox?' You can guess what I suggested. Tune.