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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Radio Crew - Breaking And Entering

Released as a limited press in 2005 - said to be 100 on blue vinyl, 100 on clear and 100 on pink (the pink one being the one I was sent out of pure luck or misfortune whichever way you want to look at that) - this is a gem of a bootleg which I discovered completely by accident whilst browsing an excellent online retailer. Classic old school west coast electro ensues as soon as the needle hits the record and I have to say it's not something I'd normally listen to as I would tend to warm to the harder b-boy beats a la Marley Marl or early Mantronik. There's no track list but if you click somewhere up above in the text there's a discogs link and of course I've named them in the file. That's all I can say really except that the original recording was made in 1983 making these tunes 30 years old already and I dug it out in order to sell it but changed my mind after hearing it again. First time I've played it since 2005 an'all. How time flies when you're (approaching) middle age..