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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dynamic Force - It's Not Right

I was in a b-boy crew called Faze 4. I might have mentioned it before. It's members were my two brothers, a kid from up the road who we went to school with - he was in to breaking before any of us - and me. We did get around a little bit and battle other crews. Challenges is what we used to call them back then. One evening we ventured up to a youth club in the Norfolk Park area of the city and took part in a battle with a local crew from around there. It was nothing fancy - I'd personally only just learned the basic windmills and most if not all crews had at least one member who was capable of doing them - so it was almost all humiliation tactics from both sides and Shaun (he was a last minute stand in for my youngest brother) really upset the biggest bloke on the opposite side by removing his cap and flinging it into the small crowd which enraged him big time and we had to do a runner. We all survived of course but I just remember them having this tune on the tape we were battling to. Under rated I think.