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Friday, October 18, 2013

Divine Sounds - Do Or Die Bed Sty

I fuckin' love this record. I traded something for it back in '86, can't remember what but I've had it ever since. I haven't seen the guy I got it from for over 20 years now but I do remember he had it spinning when I walked in to his room and asking him what it was and him replying, 'why, do you like it?'. I obviously replied in the affirmative and I walked away with it that same day. He always preferred the uptempo miami bass stuff so that's maybe why he gave it up so quickly. He'd trade all sorts and the only slow tempo record I remember him liking was Double Duce's 'School Breakdown' which he described as 'magic' but I still got that one off him. And he went to London for that. Now all he plays, I'm told, is house music. Sucker.