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Monday, January 28, 2013

G-Force (Feat. Ronnie Gee & Captain Cee) - Feel The Force

The perfect antidote to a particularly rough day.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chrome & Ill Inspired - Out Of Sight

I copped one of these on Monday and I'm here to tell you that you should get one too. It's pure fire from the start, proper rhyming, proper scratching and rock solid beats. There's a killer opener, 'Feels So Good' that has a pretty catchy hook and 'Girth' shows that old school b-boy breaks still sound fresh just in case you forgot. The official release date I think is early February and I guess Kudos and Juno will be stocking them. Failing that you can buy one direct from the man, email him here : Soundclips here. Now, go get one.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

International Wrecking Crew - Born To Break

Well, it's snowing like a mofo outside so I'm glad I'm indoors sipping a hot cup o' tea from my Hardnoise mug.
 This is the kind of record that makes me feel that nostalgic kinda warmth, not that I ever had or had even heard it when it came out in '84 but definitely one I'd still have now if I'd bought it then, if you get me. Solid beats, party atmosphere, good clean rhymes, makes me almost want to dust off my Mileta tracksuit, (remember those?) and break like I was born to. I had a a sky blue one with dark blue trim. There was a rather large kid at school, Ian,  who had the same one and he took a dim view of me sporting mine at school. I could break though and he couldn't so in my mind I was more worthy. I didn't tell him that though; I'm no hero now. Some of his mates told him to give me a seeing to but he kind of pretended to punch me 'cos he wasn't really the kind of person to bray the shit out of anyone for anything really and I kind of knew him since junior school.
 Me and my crew were challenged to a battle with him and his cronies one afternoon at school as the snow was coming down big style and we were summoned to the assembly hall before they decidedbeing sent home. We got on the stage all ready to entertain the masses but the headmaster came up and stopped us and announced the school was closing because of the weather and their blushes were spared. They were all talk anyway, had no idea about b-boy style and we'd have burned 'em and made 'em look like the fools that they were.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

DJ Antron - Earthquake

Incredibly dope record and previously unreleased until this dropped in 2004, Since then it's had a 12" release I think , maybe even a coloured vinyl edition but I just stuck with this 7". If you've never had the pleasure then you're in for a real treat.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Douge Fresh - Just Having Fun

Back in my b-boying days we used to wander the streets looking for something I guess but I couldn't tell you what. I remember one of the crew - we chose the moniker 'Faze 4' -  having a decent ghetto blaster and he'd carry it almost anywhere. I think it would be weird to see a load of kids bollockin' about the streets these days with a large carryable object pounding out loud music but we did it and I am not ashamed. I only mention this because you know when sometimes you remember odd stuff for no known reason and it's not really a significant memory? Well I just remember him saying one night mid Streetsounds Electro 6, 'Shall I rewind to the Roxannes or fast forward to the beatbox?' You can guess what I suggested. Tune.