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Sunday, June 01, 2014


I think I'm gonna have to move. I had an email recently stating that from 5th June I won't be able to log in using my existing email address I have with my current ISP and would have to create a gmail address which I did and have consequently messed things up behind the scenes and am no longer an administrator of this blog. My partner seems to have disappeared and I don't know his email address to fix things so if I want to carry on as normal, (and I think I do) then I'll be continuing things over here from 5th June onwards. None of the content on here will be deleted or moved to the new place either and if stuff is duplicated at the new spot then that's just me and my age. If this logging in problem doesn't actually become the problem it threatens to be then things will carry on here as normal. See you soon..


Anonymous said...

I will move with you!

Peter Tron said...

no worries mate, shame though.


Peter Tron said...

i thought i had commented earlier about the fact that we used to knock about on the old baselines, angles & rhymes blog way back. i was helping out depleted soul with some posting.

on a requests tip though:

before i go ahead and see if discogs has copies, do you have the stereo mc's 12"s (move it & lyrical machine)?

Peter Tron said...

i just bought 'em.
i love their early stuff!

Machiventa said...

Sorry I've been absent for so long. I just don't have extra time to devote to this blog, plus I don't have access to lossless rips of all of the shit I've posted on here so thought it was pointless to re-up 128kbps rips. Not sure what happened with your login, it still shows you as an author. If we can get it straightened out, feel free to keep posting links here.