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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MC Shy D - DJ Man Cuts It Up

Always rated Shy D back when I was breaking so buying this was a no brainer. 4Sight's pressings weren't always that great - the flimsy vinyl doesn't help - but it's very listenable and a good reminder of how we used to listen to music. I'm still trying to make some of my workmates understand but they shake their iphones at me and tell me that's all they need. My vinyl will last longer than your telephones you fuckers. That's what I tell 'em.


casiohardcore said...

I hate to say it, but most Miami labels of this era were putting out inferior vinyl. Some of the early 4-Sight stuff was horrible, but equally bad were some of the early Hot Productions/Pandisc and Joey Boy records. Luke Skyywalker put out pretty decent (quality) vinyl, but from my experience, their promo records were a tad flimsy.

Regarding this record, I was always a bit confused as to why Shy-D opted to use the Roland TR-909 drum machine on this track instead of the legendary TR-808, considering that it was something of a prerequisite on the Miami Bass scene.

Moyinka said...

I didn't buy a lot on the Pandisc label or Joey Boy but had a lot on 4sight and the early releases were pretty bad but I must admit I never commented on the pressing qualities and no-one else I knew did either. It's only later on that you notice the difference I think.

Regarding the drum machine of choice i find it hard to make a choice between the 808 and the 909, the 909 arguably being more versatile but the 'boom' of the 808 is something I crave even now.

Peter Tron said...

considering the apple phone comes with a dynamic bending design choice, it won't be too long before they make a mobile phone designed like twin decks that somehow strap around your ears...that's when i reach for my revolver!

Moyinka said...

Absolutely! I don't think I dislike new technology I just can't get out of the habit of liking the old 'technology'. I don't own a mobile phone, don't feel the need. I saw one of many documentaries on The Clash and Mick Jones, (lead guitar) said he didn't have one either. Besides, I only have two mates who I see fairly regularly who I know from school and they both don't drive so I know where they are..

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