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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Arabian Prince - Situation Critical

I missed the fantastic Stones Throw compilation, 'Innovative Life Anthology' that was released in 2008 and have been after once ever since and finally quenched my thirst a few weeks back and it's been an Arabian Prince-athon ever since.I never bought this first time around either so I bought one last week, decent condition and the picture sleeve is looking good for it's age too and all for the tidy sum of  £1.49. One of the better tracks lifted from his excellent LP, 'Dope Thang' being the highlight, for me at least. If you like 808 bass heaviness, this is definitely one for you.


Machiventa said...

Oh shit, Moyinka makes an appearance! Thanks for the rip, love me some Arabian Prince, I don't have much by him so this is very welcome. Good to see you brotha!

Moyinka said...

Hey Mach, how's it hangin'? didn't realise things were up and runnin' again till very recently. I'll be back.

Just-Ice said...

Dope Thang is such a banger. That bass tho!