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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dream Warriors - And Now, The Legacy Begins (Island 1991)

Sorry I haven't been posting up much stuff lately, I've been busy with a second job recently and it's hard to get to posting things regularly as I'd like (yeah right you've heard it before). But anyways I'm posting these two albums for now as they're slightly similar in style. For anyone who hasn't heard either of these, well then you're in for a treat because they fall into the Jazz Hip Hop category and I know just about everyone loves that style. I'd love to write up a nice intro for these albums but I'm tired as fuck so I'll just leave the AMG bio for Dream Warriors and a very informative article for The Future Sound, sorry.

A pair of deft, intelligent rappers based in Toronto, King Lou and Capital Q formed Dream Warriors and released one of the finest alternative rap records of the era, 1991's And Now, the Legacy Begins. The pair began working together in 1989, organizing their own Beat Factory Productions with Rupert Gayle and signing to 4th & Broadway. The single "Wash Your Face in My Sink" prefaced the release of And Now, the Legacy Begins, and another track, "My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style," became an early touchstone in the jazz-rap movement. Both singles hit the Top 20 in Britain, while in their own country the LP went gold and collected a Juno award. Unfortunately, the LP title proved ironic; four long years after their debut, the duo finally returned with Subliminal Simulation. It was barely received at all, especially in America, and the band's final album, The Master Plan, wasn't even released in America.

I'll eventually post up Subliminal Stimulation which in my opinion is quite good. Enjoy these two classic lp's!

01 - Mr. Bubbunut Spills His Guts
02 - My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style
03 - Follow Me Not
04 - Ludi
05 - U Never Know A Good Thing Till U Lose It
06 - And Now The Legacy Begins
07 - Tune From The Missing Channel
08 - Wash Your Face In My Sink
09 - Voyage Through The Multiverse
10 - U Could Get Arrested
11 - Journey On
12 - Face In The Basin
13 - Do Not Feed The Alligators
14 - Twelve Sided Dice
15 - Maximum 60 Lost In A Dream
16 - Answer For The Owl

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Lotheric said...

Thaaaaaaaank you!!!! been looking all over the place for this one :)

Anonymous said...

What song do they sample on "And Now the Legacy Begins".....anyone?

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