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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Help me compile an old school hip hop love song compilation

This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time but just never got around to it. Got any good ideas for an old school hip hop love song compilation? Please post your contributions in the comments and when I get a decent list going I'll post it up. I'd like to keep it before 1994 and more along the lines of slower R&B hip hop but post up whatever you can think of.

The obvious song is I Need Love but if you can think of songs in this vein I'd appreciate it.

Songs compiled so far:

Big Daddy Kane - The Day You're Mine
Three Times Dope - Funky Dividends
Da King And I - Tears (and the Darp Vibe Mix)
Stetsasonic - Float On
The Real Roxanne - Oh Darlin (Like We Used To) and Infatuated
Red Hot Lover Tone - Lil Boy Blue
Tim Dog - Secret Fantasies
Positively Black - Quiet Storm
Chi Ali - In My Room and Age Ain't Nothing But A #
Yomo & Maulkie - For The Love Of Money
K-9 Posse - If My Heart Could Speak
Kings Of Pressure - Call Me On The Telephone
Davy D - Feel 4 U and Ooh Girl
Chubb Rock & Howie Tee - Girl I Love You
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - A Rapper's Love Song
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Lots Of Lovin
Slick Rick - Teenage Love
MC Shan - She's Gone
MC Shan - Left Me Lonely
LL Cool J - I Need Love
World Class Wrecking Cru - Turn Off The Lights
Whodini - One Love
MC Hammer - Have You Seen Her
LL Cool J - I Want You
Hi-C - Sitting In The Park
Fila Fresh Crew - I Wanna Know What Love Is
Fat Boys - Falling In Love
Fat Boys - Love You Down
bvsmp-i need you
dj magic mike-come back home
doc box & b fresh slow love
sir mix a lot-romantic interlude
Heavy D & the Boyz - I Can Make You Go Oooh
Heavy D & the Boyz - The Lover's Got What You Need
Akienely - Put It In Your Mouth
Doug E Fresh - The Plane
Big Daddy Kane - To Be Your Man
Mantronix - Love Letter (Dear Tracy)
Steady B - Cheatin Girl
True Mathematics - For The Lover In You
Black Rock N Ron - True Feelings
EDO. G & Da Bulldogs - Love Comes and Go
Xtracts of Slang - Makin Love
Massive Attack - Any Love
Yaggfu Front - The Love Scene
Little Shawn - I Made Love (4 The First Time)
Lakim Shabazz - Need More Lovin
Brand Nubian - Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
King Sun - Hey Love
King Sun - Undercover Lover
Baritone Tiplove - I'm A Lover
Baritone Tiplove - A Luv Song
Bizzie Boyz - I Think I'm In Love
Slick Rick - A Love That's True
Mellow Man Ace - B-Boy I Love
Mystidious Misfts - Misfit Love
Heavy D & The Boyz - Nuttin But Love
Heavy D & Eclipse - Fools In Love
Strugglin Souls - Who's The One You Love
E.S.P. - Tell Me You Love Me
Crusaders For Real Hip Hop - We Love The Hotties
Top Choice Clique - Made For Love
Bush Babees - The Love Song
Treacherous Three - Love Rap
Kwame - Hai Love
Foundation 7 - Love Aint Like This
Biz Markie - Young Girl Bluez
Digital Underground - Whassup Wit The Luv
Digital Underground - Digital Lover
DJ Quick - I Got That Feelin
DJ Quick - It'z Your Fantasy
DJ Quick - Tha Ho In You
EDO. G & Da Bulldogs - Bed Partner
EDO. G & Da Bulldogs - Me And You Girl
Father MC - I Come Correct
Father MC - Red Lace Lingerie
Father MC - Close To You
Father MC - One Night Stand
Kool Moe Dee - I Like It Nasty
Kurtis Blow - Daydreamin
Little Shawn - I Got What U Need
Little Shawn - I'd Love 2
Positively Black - Ebony Princess
Red Hot Lover Tone - Pussy's All That
The Audio Two - The Freshest Slowest Jam
Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five - Yesterday
Kaos - Let's Do It Again
King Sun - Hey Love
Heavy D & The Boyz - Don't You Know
BVSMP- I Need You
III Most Wanted - My Love Is True
UTFO - Fairy Tale Lover
Hard Knocks - Ghetto Love
Grand Puba - Baby Whats Your Name
MC Shy D - I Dont Want To Treat You Wrong
Donald D - Letters I'll Never Send
Geto Boys - I Tried
Kaos - Lets Do It Again
Rated X - Be Cool To Your Girl
Devin - Unity For u & Me
Eric B & Rakim - Keep The Beat
Maestro Fresh Wes  - Private Symphony


casiohardcore said...

The first two that come to mind are:

Slick Rick - Teenage Love
LL Cool J - I Need Love

Machiventa said...

Thank man! Nice to hear from you.

dean coster said...

What's that terrible MC Shan song on Born To Be Wild? Ooooh, that was awful.

*searches youtube*

Oh yeah... She's Gone.

Who the hell is singing "She's gooooonnneeee"? What key are they trying to hit? It might be a good song if someone who could sing was on it.

What was it with Marley's rappers? Why did they all think think they could sing?

To be fair, it's nowhere near as bad as Cool J's I Need Love.

Anonymous said...

here is my list
world class wrecking cru-turn off the lights.
whodini-one love.
whistle-chance for our love.
mc shan-left me lonely.
mc hammer-have you seen her.
ll cool j-i want you.
hi-c -sitting in thr park.
fila fresh crew-i wanna know what love is.
fat boys-falling in love.
bvsmp-i need you.
dj magic mike-come back home.
doc box & b fresh slow love.

Anonymous said...

forgot one
sir mix a lot-romantic interlude.

Anonymous said...

sorry a few more for you.
nbk-lost in love,i had a choice.
master p-gangstas need love.

Machiventa said...

WOOOOORD... keep em coming guys.

Thanks so much y'all!

Ugly Dog said...

I Can Make You Go Oooh, or The Lover's Got What You Need, both by Heavy D & the Boyz


Hai Love, or Ownlee Eue by Kwame

moyinka said...

does 'lovesick' by gang starr count?

Anonymous said...

Akienely's "Put It In Your Mounth"?


Cheesy Chees said...
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Cheesy Chees said...

why it can `t remember the first thing that came to mind Slick Rick but it has already been called, can be:
Vicious Rumor Club - Whole Lotta Love?

or not old school: Father Mc songs about love

Anonymous said...

How about:
Doug E Fresh's The Plane
BDK's To Be Your Man (and the ones with Barry White)
Mantronix' Love Letter (Dear Tracy)
Steady B's Cheatin Girl
Most of True Mathematics self-titled LP

Jaz said...

Black Rock N Ron-True Feelings
EDO. G & Da Bulldogs-Love Comes and Go
Xtracts of Slang-Makin Love
Massive Attack-Any Love
Yaggfu Front-The Love Scene
Little Shawn-I Made Love
Lakim Shabazz-Lots Of Lovin
Brand Nubian-Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
King Sun-Hey Love
King Sun-Undercover Lover
Baritone Tiplove-I'm A Lover
Baritone Tiplove-A Luv Song
Bizzie Boyz-I Think I'm In Love
Slick Rick-A Love That's True
Mellow Man Ace-B-Boy I Love
Mystidious Misfts-Misfit Love
Heavy D & The Boyz-Nuttin But Love
Heavy D & Eclipse-Fools In Love
Strugglin Souls-Who's The One You Love
E.S.P.-Tell Me You Love Me
Crusaders For Real Hip Hop-We Love The Hotties
Top Choice Clique-Made For Love
Bush Babees-The Love Song
Treacherous Three-Love Rap
Kwame-Hai Love
Foundation 7-Love Aint Like This

Machiventa said...

Fuck yeah everyone! Thanks a lot, there's some good shit listed so far.... enough for about 3 albums.

I'm trying to hunt down everything listed and there might be a few here and there I won't be able to find so please come back in a few days to see if you all can help me get em.

Keep the recommendations coming, it'd be cool to have kind of a definitive list of love songs.

Jaz said...

yo Mach

if you need anything from my list.


laze said...

A few more:

Tuff Crew: "Art of Love"
Raheem: "You're the Greatest"
Just-Ice: "I Write This In the Dark"
Too Def Connection: "Love is Like a Game"
Too Def Connection: "Searching for Love"
The Next School: "Take Me Home"

Let me know if you need any of these.

laze said...

Two more I forgot about:

Gangsta Pat: "Gangsta's Need Love 2"
X-Con: "Special Lady"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey I can't believe it you guys have done well but here's a few I feel you must consider.....
Donald d "A letter I'll never send" from Nortorious Album.
Cool G Rap "She Loves me She Loves me not" a classic from Roads to the Riches Album.
Cool C "Glamorous Life" from I gotta Habit Album.
A.P.G Crew "Outstanding" another classic from Oaktowns finest Album around 1991.
put those tracks on for Sure a few maybe's are....
King Sun "Coming Soon","Hey love","time to go" all on the XL Album
Nice & Smooth "Cake & Eat it two" , "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" on the Ain't a Thing Changed Album.
MC Shy D "I don't want to treat you wrong" from Comin Correct in 88 Album.
Gigolo Tony "I Want you" from Ain't it good to ya Album.
Stetsasonic "Float on" from the In full Gear album.
Eric B and Rakim "Mahogany" from Let the Rhythm Hit em Album
Kid'N'Play "Undercover" from the 2 Hype Album
JVC Force "Puppylove" from the Doin'Damage album it's on the reggae tip but good production for the time.
Hope these tracks help ya out bro A.B.Cee Ya from Si...... P E A C E !

tc said...

i posted this on the bust the facts:
You got to check B1 - Have to let her go:(The video was layed on the old Bet rap show)to add to your slow love jamz. Plus you got to add the other three LL Cool J: Two Differnt Worlds;One Shot at Love and Your my Heart all from Walking w/a Panther.
Plus check out these old school classic love jamz-
Snow: Girl i've been hurt
Everlast: Goodbye and On the Edge from Forver Everlasting
Vanilla Ice: I love you.
Hen Gee & Evil E: If u were mine and then this crazy one from: Me Phi Me - Dream of You

I made one of these mix tapes back in teh day for aon old flame

tc said...

I forgot to add the World Class Wreking Crew: Turn out the lights.

nathan said...

Heavy D - Im in the mood for love
LL -Hey Lover
LL- One Shot of Love
Dela Soul- Eye Know
3rd Bass -Brooklyn Queens
Big Daddy Kane- Al of Me
Nice and Smooth- Something I cant Explain
Poor Righteous Teachers- Shaykila (album version)
Genius -Come do me

Joby said...

Big Daddy Kane "Very Special"
King Sun D Moet "Hey Love"
Faze 1 "Good Friends"
Fat Boys "Falling In Love"

dean coster said...

And that reminds me...

I don't think anyone else has mentioned any of Kuris Blows opuses to love.

Don't cha feel like makin' love
Fallin' Back in Love Again
Reasons For Wanting You
And.... Love Don't Love Nobody.

I think he did one for every album, the old smoocher...

And what did this remind me? To go back and listen to the track he did with Bob Dylan. Now how the hell did he get him to work with him on that?

Hopper said...

2 from 1986
Whistle - Please Love Me
Janice - Bye Bye

The Janice track is Freestyle but an awesome tune nonetheless

The Overlordian said...

Depends on your definition of Old School, but a good one is Eric B. And Rakim - Keep The Beat off Don't Sweat The Technique.

OH! Also Maestro Fresh-Wes - Private Symphony. There are two versions, I prefer the Black Tie Affair one.

Anonymous said...


Positively Black- Ebony Princess
Hard Knocks - Ghetto Love
Grand Puba - Baby Whats Your Name
MC Shy D - I Dont Want To Treat You Wrong
Donald D - Letters I'll Never Send
Geto Boys - I Tried
Kaos - Lets Do It Again
Rated X - Be Cool To Your Girl
Devin - Unity For u & Me

Here are a few more love interest tracks that were featured on the Fat Lace/ Southern Hospitality comp 'Rappers Have Feelings Too' back in 2006


Irish Craig

DJ OPAL! said...

Please keep up the terrific job!

Mike Lechmann said...

UTFO - Fairytale Lover

Magazine 4 All said...

thank for sharing..

wock said...

most wanted-my love is true

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Buller Luxury said...

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Machiventa said...

Thanks a lot everyone. Been really busy lately and haven't had much time to hunt all these tracks down so I'll try and get to it eventually.

Teddy C.D. said...

Here is a GREAT love song by the very overlooked Snoman, called "Sno's Drinking Milk."

Let me know if you need the .mp3. It's not hard to find online though. Oh, it's a song from '93.

eduncan50 said...

Com on guys!!! how about "The freshest slow jam" by Audio two
And yesterday by Grandmaster Melle Mell and the furious five

Anonymous said...

Whistle - Do We Have a Chance For Our Love?

Anonymous said...

Almighty RSO Crew- We'll Remember You is great

also Kaos - Let's Do It Again (a personal fave along with numerous LL's and Shan's classic one too).

Not too forgot "Hey Love' By King Sun.

Peace Kerode

L7 said...

Heavy D Don't You know
BVSMP I Need You

Anonymous said...