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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Almighty El-Cee - We Have Risen

I bought this around September last year. It was on my wants list for a long time but I kept pushing it back in favour of other stuff I wanted more. A friend of mine bought a copy in '87 because he got to the rack before I did and there was often only one copy available and some wax never got re-stocked so I was stiffed by a few seconds (and 20 odd years) until now. He traded his a few years later for some shitty house record 'cos he was/is into that crap when it blew up in the late eighties. I tried to like it but failed as it's obviously aimed at girls. Dope record this though, in perfect, unplayed nick too. I paid a tenner, which might be a tad over the odds for some but I think it was a fair price for the condition it's in. I've invested in a few old/new slices recently including this, this and this and pre-ordered this as the desire to buy vinyl refuses to leave me even though I've got less money now than I had back then. That would be the privelege of living with my mom then..


Anonymous said...

Si Said: Man thanks for introducing me to this!! School's out is unreal Fly Fat funkky and Friggin Fresh!

moyinka said...

very good, glad i have something that someone's not heard before. i prersonally prefer 'we have risen' but school's out seems to be the one most folk go for between the two. maybe it's me..

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy, what a coincidence, this record just led me to the blog. I was 13 when this was released, had it (We Have Risen) on a tape from the radio. It pops into my consciousness from time to time but I never follow up with web searches, until today. And here it is! '..Risen' is my choice but that's the only one I know atm.
Awesome post & blog :-D