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Monday, May 02, 2011

Skinny Boys - Rip The Cut

I really like this one. Sir John Peel played this for me way back in life's golden age but the wax somehow passed me by. Eagle eyed viewers will notice that it's the B-side, 'Unity' being selected as the stronger track to lead with. But they were wrong. I eventually picked up a copy a couple of years back and I only paid £2.99 which some of you may think is too much. I don't know what it is about this record. Maybe it's the phaser effect on the scratching of the disco classic 'Good Times' or maybe it's the simple yet hard boom, boom, bap style beat. I know it's not for everybody so judge for yourselves.



Ah, John Peel, such fond memories of that programme, I had the patience of a saint way back then. The perseverence paid off too, after sittin through nonsense like Rotterdam Termination Force [or similar 190bpm Berlin-based techno], shoe-gazer classics or things like The Fall and The Nyah Fearties, as pioneering Hip-Hoppers, we were blessed with some gems. First time I heard Skinny Boys AND South Bronx was on Peels show.

Top man M, thanks as ever


moyinka said...

yep, i hear you on that one. i must admit i actually like some of the Fall's stuff ( i bought 'live at the witch trials' maybe that's the punk thing that i can't let go of) but some of the stuff he liked was pretty unlistenable nonsense. still, happy days, eh.

Verb1 said...

"Rip the Cut" is an unsugn classic, and definitely the Skinny Boys' best. Word!