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Monday, May 30, 2011

Fat Boys - Breakdown

The Fat Boys. Who would listen to their records nowadays apart from the faithful old school followers like you and me? Most probably no-one with a name like that. Disco 3 was better I think but maybe that was a little too run-of-the-mill and they decided to change it. I wonder if they had an adviser? Maybe some hip hop version of Simon Cowell had a quiet word and convinced them it was the best way to get noticed. It was probably the same bloke who made them do that awful version of 'The Twist'. That said, their first album was the first full length rap LP I ever bought and I've still got it now. Word on the playground in '84 was that the Human Beatbox was the freshest thing around and if you didn't have it or even if you hadn't heard it you weren't worth knowing. I didn't know what 'Human Beatbox' was never mind that it was a person. Fast forward a couple of years and legendary UK DJ Mike Allen plays 'Breakdown' on his then London listeners only rap show and I get a copy and decide I want it. I had to settle for their 'Big & Beautiful' LP for years up until a few weeks ago when I picked this up for a fiver. It's a def record and once again the best track is relegated to the flip side, 'In The House' being the mediocre choice to try and top the charts. Oh and if these said 'Disco 3' on 'em I might be tempted but at my time of life wearing summat bearing the words 'fat' and 'boy' would be a huge mistake.


i4n said...

Cheers for posting all these classics, amusing write-up too :)
I remember Mike Allen on Capital Radio,taped every show,Allen's Army 'n all that, UK Fresh '86, and that guy who used to call in from the USA with the latest happenings 'state side....


The Latin Rascals Dub of Breakdown is one of their best remixes IMO, bangin but simple

Cheers fr this M


moyinka said...

'chuck chill' was his name i think i4n.
not heard that remix craig or at least i don't think i have.
thanks for the comments mates.

Ric Flair said...

Thanks once again Moyinka, greatly appreciated.
The Fat Boys deserve to be better remembered, yeah they did some horrible pop stuff, but they always had dope tracks on their LPs.

For anybody interested in the aforementioned human beat box, check out the massive 'Strictly Beatbox' compilation at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Fat Boys 12" as I used to love doubling this up years ago....brings back many fond memories!