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Sunday, June 19, 2011

MC Eric - Before We Get Started

I got this in a second hand record store for 50p a heck of a long time ago. It's a promo release and hand numbered on his own label and mine was number 87. I say was because I recently parted company with if for 60p during the vinyl purge I'm undertaking just now. I'm unsure as to why I bought it, probably 'cos of the price and I used to buy allsorts back then if it was cheap enough. When I got back home and put it on I must say I was pleasantly surprised as MC Eric had acquired a bit of a rep as being wack in some people's opinions (and probably my own) due to his appearances on some of Technotronic's earbashing house records. Which, from where I'm sitting, really were the wackest of the wack. And if you are one of those people who ignored his solo stuff for that reason I would encourage you to please try and ignore the name of the artist and just listen to 4 tracks of really quite decent hip hop music from the early nineties.

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