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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Triple Threat Three - Scratch Motion

Not too long ago before the internet was invented sometime around 1988(ish) I was put on to and ad in Hip Hop Connection magazine for a mail order company called Beat Street Records. I ignored but a mate sent for the free catalogue and when he let me see his copy I nearly fell through the floor. Loads and loads of old school stuff that we couldn't buy as kids because we had no cash and also because no one in our town stocked U.S. imports. After my first order I received a monthly list and spent almost my entire weekly wage on records from B.S.R. After a while I started to fax my order from work and they'd fax it back with a reservation confirmation assuming they were all available. I didn't get them all as my mate's mail arrived before mine and he'd ring up and reserve his over the phone before I'd even got my list. That didn't matter though as he always played his stuff to death until he was fed up of it and he traded with me or sold it to me for less than he paid for it. I have to admit that it was fairly exciting anticipating the new list and what would be on it and when this one was delivered to my door I rang my mate to tell him I had it and he didn't and he'd just had his delivered before me. Still, I've got mine and he sold his some years ago on ebay as he's in to house music now the knob. I mean that in the nicest possible way of course. I don't know if Beat Street are still trading now and they did have a website eventually but it was crap. The stuff on it i mean. Nothing like the old days.


Anonymous said...

ha i remember beat street use to get records from them as well, didnt they used to do a special bundle like 15 for 25 quid?

moyinka said...

I can't remember now but they may well have done. They were based in Abingdon I think. I googled them and they're still listed as a shop but I can't see a website any more.

Anonymous said...

This was my favorite track back in the day.I used to listen to LWR, JFM and Solar Radio, uk pirate stations. This and I'ts Yours - TLA Rock were two of the biggest tracks ever as far as popularity is concerned. I have this 12 inch, but scratched, I do not have Sendspace, only, and your link is dead, but I found it here

Britcore was always the best for me, but this and a few other tracks were equally as good. I'll thank you for your effort even though, I am not a Sendspace user.