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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fearless Four - Dedication

Re-up, re-ripped it too at 320kbps. Have a nice day now.


Anonymous said...

thanks for making the choice to
rip your records in high quality
320 mp3 and excellent rips at that!
Only lossless rips could improve your
already excellent blog. Never heard
the instrumental to this as sells
for ridiculous prices on ebay agreat record as all your posts are thanks
for continuing the education and
your dedication!

moyinka said...

i don't really know much about this lossless/flac thing so the 320kbps rips are where i'm sticking, for now at least. i'm glad these old records are still of some use to though, much obliged for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi firstly thanks for the education. I love this music and I wish I was old enough at the time to really appreciate it but thanks to you I can.

Secondly could you re-up this track please :)

Thanks again