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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lil' Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme - B Boys Style

I think I mentioned in a previous post the after school club I went to when I was a wee boy to practice my b-boy moves. Well that's where I heard this for the first time. I had stopped going because in my mind I was approaching the end of my dancing 'career' and the music itself was becoming the most important thing. An obsession some might say. Some people did, (hi mom). Anyway I started going back 'cos there was a new guy in town, from the West Midlands I think 'cos we thought he talked funny. Absolutely no offence intended at all to any folk from the Midlands but it was the eighties, we had no cash and we never went anywhere except Skegness or Bridlington so I guess we were 'sheltered' somewhat. Anyway he had a tape. A different tape. Rubbish quality but new tunes on it all the same. I remember this one being a stand out track and also 'Don't Fess' by Sha-Quan. He had the whole of 'Don't Fess' on there, bonus beats and all which was great. My brother eventually got a copy of the tape off this new kid as he was in the year below me, as was my bro and I was obviously overjoyed. I then made it my life's mission to get this 12" and I did. For nowt. My house music loving mate let me have it 'cos he'd played it to death. He got it off Beat Street Records, (remember them) in the late eighties. I obviously went for it too but he beat me 'cos his postman delivered way before mine did. Still, not to worry, eh..

On another short side note I used to play on a pirate radio station in Sheffield called Sheffield Community Radio (SCR 101.5FM) and the guy I was paired up with, (I didn't know him until then) also had a tape with this record on it and because you almost never got a track list with any tape he thought the voice on the vocoder was saying...
(It does sound a bit like that. If you didn't know.)


Anonymous said...

Morgan Khan should take note of your music
choices and recruit you. You would
have done a much better job of the
recent street sounds reunion it was
pretty weak. I just hope his latest
nu electro volume 4 with DAVY DMX feat. CHUCK D, DJ CHEESE, KNIGHTS OF THE TURNTABLES, LIL ROCKIN’ G, IMPERIAL BROTHERS may breath new life
to the electro scene half as much as your blog does.Another great 12"
here thanks a lot.

moyinka said...

thanks for the extremely flattering comment A. I bought the DVD of the reunion event and i wasn't overly impressed but it's good to have. I'm not a big fan of the new electro series, a lot of it is a little too close to being house music for me. I did listen to some of the sound clips for the fourth release and I don't think its for me. Good luck to MK and his latest ventures though. If it wasn't for him, well...

qyp said...

amazing one ..!
thanks for sharing your passion

DJ Kool JB said...

Sorry, the file you requested is not available.