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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Newcleus - Automan

Not much to say other than this is my fave Newcleus cut and there's not even any rapping. In 1984 I was a bit of a purist and any singing or musical instrumentation, in my eyes was a bit lame so I guess this was a guilty pleasure. Incredibly catchy tune though and I was a little disappointed with their version on the recent Street Sounds reunion DVD but what the hey, I still have this.


Anonymous said...

this is the only nucleus track I
really like as well but I never heard
the 12" so thanks very much.
I remember my friend persuading me
me to go halves with him to buy
wiki wiki or some shit by newcleus as it was the first electro tune that was in the
local Our Price record store he had seen (as it
got a place in the pop charts).As soon
as he played it I said he can keep it one play was enough. When they played live in the street sounds reunion I walked out they were embarrassingly bad.

moyinka said...

yeah, i have the wikki wikki song somewhere on wax. i like newcleus though. i know you shouldn't expect them to be like they were 25 years ago but it was a bit of an anti-climax seeing them on that DVD. couldn't get to the actual thing but I know someone who did. it would probably be great after a few pints. i might try that this weekend.

jay said...

I caught them on the DVD too. Thought the singing was pitchy ( I'm sounding like a judge off of x factor now) but I love there electro sound the high pitched electronic percussion rolls and spacey synths always bring a great big smile to my face. If Chilly B was still alive and performing there i'm sure it would have been a better experience. Love Newcleus.

steve said...

I thought that they were great to see live, they weren't pitch perfect by any means but the DVD mix didn't do anyone on that bill justice. It was a great vibe and just to see 'em in the flesh after all this time was fantastic. Thanks for putting this 12" up!