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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Rapologists - The Hip Hop Beat

I don't know about you but I thought the Streetsounds UK Electro LP was pretty dire. I only bought it to complete the collection but rarely played it all except for this track. I eventually got this copy from good ol' Beat Street records in the late eighties. I must admit it does sound a little dated and there's not a lot of expression, if you like, in the way the lyrics are delivered but it's still a decent 12". The UK scene was still in it's infancy in '84 and I would say it went on to much greater things, particularly in the '88-'92 period. I don't think this is any different to the UK issue on Billy Boy but please feel free to let me know if you own a copy.


Anonymous said...

put a smile on my face and unforgettable scratch sounds
never heard the instrumental before
wiz kid is wickid! thanks

Anonymous said...

So many memories!
I bought UK Electro because it was the only cassette I could afford at the time, and wore it out!

moyinka said...

i never bought any pre-recorded cassettes, not ever. i always felt i wasn't getting as much for my money. glad to be of service anonymouses.

Hopper said...

Yo Moyinka
I've posted elsewhere of my love for the Streetsounds UK album (on BTF I think)... one of my favourites to this day. Amusingly, I think this track is the weakest on the album, but ya know, to each their own. I've never seen the Telestar version. Thanks for this

Ric Flair said...

Yeah, I've always had a soft spot for this.
Thanks very much.

moyinka said...

really Hopper? each to his own like you say mate. i bought this from Beat
Street records and wasn't aware of the billy boy version for quite some time.
yeah it's a good one Ric, stood the test of time you think? almost..