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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nottingham's Finest 1988 - 1992

I feel I must enlighten you to the existence of this little beauty I discovered over at the excellent 'Fear of a Wack Planet' blog a few months ago. Most of the stuff is unreleased as far as I'm aware a lot of it is absolutley firin', especially my personal fave, 'Serious-DJ quick Club Remix' by 2wice The Trouble; K.I.D should have had a stormin' career but he never hit the big time which is a real shame. I had a few of these on a tape back in the early nineties through a friend of a friend of a friend who knew DJ Mink but the tape was 'borrowed' and never returned - it had a couple of my own demos on there too I did with an aspiring rapper called MC Fame and it was him who I lent the tape to. I saw him a few years back in B & Q but he got in to his car before I could catch him. Errol if you're reading this mate I've got these back now but our demos might (not) be worth a listen if you still have them. Massive thanks to Mike Check over at FOAWP for the initial upload and if the link's dead he'll up it again for you if you ask him nicely. Pay him a visit anyway. He's got some interesting and in depth posts on all things hip hop. Worth a few minutes of anyone's time.


Mike Check said...

Hey, thanks for the recommendation, what a pleasant surprise. And I'd agree with you that this compilation has some really good old school UK hip hop on it.

moyinka said...

no worries mate, no comments yet though eh?. some of these internet folk are really shy aren't they..

Anonymous said...

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