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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mighty Ethnicz - Harmony Hall

Time for some UK action I think and this being my fave 12" by the Mighty Ethnicz I thought I'd share it with you. Another reason is the forthcoming shirt design by the excellent 'Style Warrior' which is available for pre-order right now so get your orders in before September 16th for a unique piece o' kit. The Ethnicz made some pretty decent records over all and a lot of them, quite possibly all of them went under the radar for most people but I think they deserve some props and interest in their short career needs a bit of reviving. 'Harmony Hall' uses a killer loop and one which I'd really like to know the origin of if anyone can assist. Blade use to have a forum and I asked there years ago and someone knew one of their crew and said he would ask but the forum went off line soon afterwards and I was back to square one. In truth I never really left square one. Still, the record is dope and well worth picking up especially as you can find it for next to nothing and the other two cuts on the flip are none too shabby either. 'Murder' makes great use of the Meters classic 'Just Kissed My Baby' and 'From Da Mind' is a funky mid tempo head nodder that makes this all in all their best record in my most humblest of opinions.


Mike Check said...

First bit of interesting info for you. The vocal 'hook' in the chorus is actually Sir Drew's brother, Mike Brooks, on singing duties. I'm still diggin for the breakbeat answer.

moyinka said...

that's good to know, thanks for the info.

Repo said...

Dope track. And that sample is very familiar.....
Sadly not even the mighty is giving up the goods on this one.

moyinka said...

yeah tried that one myself, and the forum part of the breaks but no dice. driving me mad, need to know it.

Repo said...

My man LG - who is not only designing the current Mighty Ethnicz tee - has come up with the answer!
The Dramatics - Never Let You Go

Now THAT is good customer service ;0)

moyinka said...

found the LP if anyone's interested, the OG's a stompin' tune too, here's the link :

Anonymous said...

Same bassline as From Da Mind, tasty...

Thanks for the Mighty Ethnicz Mighty Moynk, gotta give a super shout out to you for another sick selection of rips, top choice sir !

Many many thanks


Anonymous said...

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