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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MC Drew - Take No Prisoners

Brilliant record this, thumpin' 808 bass on the A-side but the B-side, 'Big Nuts' is a bit of a let down. I don't know about you but the records from this era I heard as a kid are nearly all classics in my mind and almost all the ones that passed me by as a kid I find difficult to listen to even though I know if I had heard them back then they would also be considered classics, if you get me. For instance, I had 'Bad Boys' on just a few days ago and the missus heard it and said, 'Inspector gadget? What the heck is that?' and I had to try and explain it and struggled a little but I still think it's a fresh jam. However I had to ask myself if I would think it was dope if I'd never heard it in '85 or '86 or whenever it came out? The answer would be probably not but this one is an exception to that rule. 'I'm The Packman' by The Packman is another pretty odd record that I would certainly give the elbow today had I not been alive and well and b boying my best in '83. Enjoy this one though if you've not heard it 'cos it'll knock your socks off.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I'm on the hunt for these if anyone can help, not necessarily the full 12"s just the vocal tracks would be a good start. It's all UK ruffness too :

Fixed Penalty - To You / Bubble Up
Pure Genius - Law Of The Land EP
Storm - Playing The Field
Original Offkey Yout - Goin' On Dark / So It Goes
School Of Culture - Detonate To Activate / Come On
Akapel - Pick It Up
Hard II Kill -You Can't Tell Us What To Do / This Is How We Do
Stinginteraction - Koncious Resistance EP
EQ - Turn The Flames Higher
Forward Intense - Stated / Imply The Calm

That'll do for now as they're all fairly unknown to many and tough to track down for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance if you can help.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Charlie Brown & The C.B. Girls - You Can Make It

Love this one.What a magnificent bastard of a record. Had it on a Mike Allen tape back in '86 and when we heard it - me and my 3 regular vinyl buying mates -  we freaked out.Walked down the street once blasting it out to the whole neighbourhood. I thought they needed to hear it. As far as I know there was no positive reaction. I tried ordering it from Fon records in Sheffield along with 'Hip Hop Bystander' by Magnetic Force and 'Little Cezar' by Eliot Ness and the Untouchables - those were all on the same tape -  but was told by the guy behind the counter that 'those sorts of records you had to buy first time around'. He may have been right but he didn't even try. Twat. Got 'em all now anyway.

Monday, October 08, 2012

K.I.D. - Raw Flavours Volume 1

I dug this double LP out due to the recent sad news that K.I.D. of Nottingham duo 2wice The Trouble was found dead a few days ago. Up to press not much else is known about the circumstances surrounding the whole thing so we'll have to wait on more news so I won't dwell on that for now.

I will, however, tell you that I had the privilege of seeing him perform live at the Old School Reunion held in Nottingham about 20 odd years ago; he did 'Hey Hey, Can U Relate' - on his own as far as I can remember - and I have to say it was a a pretty uninspiring performance. He barely moved, just shuffled around on the spot and hardly made any eye contact with the crowd. I don't know why Carruthers wasn't there but I'm certain K.I.D. was solo on that day but it was a long time ago and my memory could be a little jaded. I can't find anyone else who was there apart from the 4 other people I went with and I haven't seen them for 15 or 20 years either so our stories can't be corroborated but it was a fantastic day overall and hearing that tune live was a real high point even though he seemed to want to be somewhere else. It's a real shame as he had talent by the bucket load and could easily have stood toe to toe with any other emcee, US or UK, at the time.

So that's it. I still can't believe it.

For further reading and downloadable content see here and here. If anyone has any further news or just any stuff I might not know then I'd be more than obliged.


Monday, October 01, 2012

Schoolly D - P.S.K. What Does It Mean?

If ever there was a record that reminded me of The Limit club on a Saturday afternoon then this has to be it. I think it was Steinski who was talking about the first time he went to see the Cold Crush Brothers on one of those old school docs. I can't remember which one it's on but as soon as he described walking towards the entrance - he puts his hand over his mouth muffling the beats to try and imitate how it sounded as he walked towards the door - and he opened the door and the sound wave hit him in the face like a giant sledge hammer. He then goes on to say he went with his then girl and she wanted a drink from the bar so he gave her some cash or bought two or something and told her to knock herself out as he just wanted to hear the music. Well that's how it was in the Limit, except the bar was always closed. You walked down some steps from the street level door and you could hear the beats pounding as if there was a towel over the speakers or something and you opened the door and stepped inside and it was like 50 sledge hammers bashing the shit out of your whole body. DJ Mongoose had the baddest tunes around and when he played this one you could stand on the spot near the door and still end up getting bass pummeled to the other side of the room by the end of the track. Fairly disconcerting for a 14 year old who's never been to a nightclub before. It's still the loudest music I've ever heard and I'd give my left nut to go back just once more. One of my all time faves to this day.