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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Uptown - Dope On Plastic

Top 5 intros of  all time :

5: Word Of Mouth Feat. DJ Cheese - King Kut
4: Mantronix - Hardcore Hip Hop
3: Hardrock Soul Movement - Double Def Fresh (Get Stupid Mix)
2: Just-Ice - Cold Gettin' Dumb
1 : Uptown - Dope On Plastic


stonerphonic said...

Damn that's a really hard thing to do when you have a massive collection of jams across a dozen different sub-genres.

I threw this together based on the fact that the second the song starts, it totally rocks & you know who it is, and then the fact that it runs into a "classic" jam that most playas would recognize.

1. Put Your Filas On - Schoolly D (Longer version from self-titled album)
2. Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) - Hashim
3. In God We Trust - Above the Law
4. Hip Hop - Dead Prez
5. Buffalo Gals - The World Famous Supreme Team & Malcolm McLaren

moyinka said...

Yeah, I must admit it it's not really the all time top 5; those in my list are the ones that are on my ipod and I thought the intros were killers. I need to have a major think at some point and get an all time top ten going. I don't know the ATL track but I'd agree with the Schoolly D choice and how did I forget Hashim?! Thanks for taking the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey !

I've followed your blog for quite a while, and seriously, keep it up. There are only a
few places where I can find some real hip hop, and yours is a reference.

If you're interested, here are a few pages I would recommend :

Rare Hip Hop

Cool Hip Hop


Underground Hip Hop

vintage Hip Hop

Aggressive Hip Hop

Independent Hip Hop

moyinka said...

I'll do my best monsieur anonymous.

Just thought of another one which has a pretty dope intro, 'Slave To The Rhythm' by MC Lyte. Corkin' tune that one.

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