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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bad Boys feat. K Love - Bad Boys

Requested as Inspector Gadget but I think you'll find this is the tune you were looking for. I think most people know but this record is an early appearance by MC Serch later of 3rd Bass. Talking of 3rd Bass, have a little looky here...


stonerphonic said...

Just one of a dozen "Inspector Gadget" theme song based cuts during the 80's.

Both this Bad Boys song & Doug E. Fresh's "The Show" were back to back on Electro 9, my favorite of the Electro albums.

Go K-Love. What an awesome rapper she was... *cough*

Mike Check said...

Ha ha, I never knew that was Serch! Incredibly he actually sounds much better on this than he did a year later when he released the pretty awful 'Melissa'.

I agree with Stonerphonic that Electro 9 is one of the best from the series. The Bad Boys, D.ST and Kid Frost mix on side B got some heavy rotation :)

moyinka said...

Yeah, Serch's first record. I only found out a few years back myself. Electro 5 for me all day every day. but, I'm probably older than you two..

stonerphonic said...

only if you're born before '69!

Electro 5 has THE best song on any of the SSE series.

I have yet to hear anything that even comes close to "The Buck Stops Here" by Fantasy Three.

That and anything by Capt. Rock.

Give that man a cookie...

Hopper said...

Electro 6 for me - Bobby Broom, Doug E Fresh, Captain Rock, and the definitive treatment of Roxanne - c'mon!

But then again, there Electro 3...

moyinka said...

yep, electro 6 was a goodie, number 5 still has the number 1 vote for me though, always will.

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