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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kid Frost - Terminator

Classic electro business from '85, first heard for many UK b-boys on Streetsounds Electro 9, me included. My youngest brother bought volume 9 but I inherited it after he lost interest in hip hop along with brother number two many years back. 'Rough Cut' was my first experience of Kid Frost's mic style - it was on a tape I borrowed off a casual acquaintance which I remember almost having to beg for - and to this day I still can't decide which is the better of the two. This is the second press, the original I remember having a yellowy coloured label but that kind of thing never bothered me; it's all about the music. And most of the time the memories too.


Mike Check said...

Yo that's my shit right there! Certainly my favourite record from 1985, and probably the best electro 12". And yes, Electro 9 introduced me to it too.
The original pressing does have a yellow label, but other than that the label is pretty much identical to the one in your image. Thanks for the upload.

moyinka said...

Don't think I'd could pick a single fave from '85, a golden year for me but it's up there in the top ten for sure.

mogwai said...

electro 9...had so much to give back in the day
great track

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