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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Robbie B & Jazzy J - Rock The Go Go

How was Christmas then, alright? We're back with a boom with this corker, so good that Schoolly himself had to have it for his own label and twinned it with 'Jazzy J On The Scratch' which is also a very tasty offering but not quite as good as the A-side in my opinion. The OG had the scratch version as a seperate track to the vocal cut but they've been conjoined here to make one big beat fest. 'Boogie Down' has also been omitted from this release but they're both pretty easy rekkids to pick up so I'll re-buy the other one another time when there's nowt else more pressing to spend my hard earned dosh on. Happy new year and I'll hopefully continue where we left off although I'm thinking of mixing it up a littlewith the older electro cuts and some old school UK action but we'll see.


stonerphonic said...

Hell, my fave Schoolly-D release from Robbie B & Jazzy J is a joint called "Boogie Down". Killer rap, dope beats, and a hook to die for. Philly rocks it HARD. There's a disc out there called Classic Material Philadelphia. If you dig Schoolly-D, Steady B, Cool C, Three Times Dope or anyone Schoolly-D produce (Royal Ron et al.) then hunt that platter down.

moyinka said...

yeah, they left 'boogie down' off this release. I had the OG back in the day but not any more. I'll get it back one day. I might just have a search for that LP you mention, cheers.

Repo said...

Just wanted to say thanks for all the quality downloads you've been providing lately. I always check by but don't make half as many comments as I should.
Can't front on anything that has Schoolly's seal of approval. Fresh!

moyinka said...

Thanks for taking the time Repo.

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