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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Party Rock Crew - Which School?

Here's an old Mike Allen spin from '87 which I only bought a few months back as I forgot all about it. Some might say it's worth forgetting but I like it and it was another bargain at 3 quid so I snapped it up. There's not a great deal on my wants list from this particular year as I would say hip hop in '87 was a bit of a mixed bag but this is pretty decent.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kid Frost - Terminator

Classic electro business from '85, first heard for many UK b-boys on Streetsounds Electro 9, me included. My youngest brother bought volume 9 but I inherited it after he lost interest in hip hop along with brother number two many years back. 'Rough Cut' was my first experience of Kid Frost's mic style - it was on a tape I borrowed off a casual acquaintance which I remember almost having to beg for - and to this day I still can't decide which is the better of the two. This is the second press, the original I remember having a yellowy coloured label but that kind of thing never bothered me; it's all about the music. And most of the time the memories too.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Kaptain Jam & The Mighty Finesse - I Can't Stand You

Bought a copy of this last year after trading my original purchase in the late eighties and I think it's a pretty fresh jam. A mate of mine bought it on a London trip and I had it within a couple of weeks 'cos he used to play records to death and get tired of them fairly quickly. I was guilty of doing the same occasionally but he now has zero records in his collection and I still have a few and it's steadily growing back again to where I think it should be. If I still had every record I'd ever bought it'd be in to the thousands and I'd need a bigger place but sacrifices had/have to be made 'cos not everything you buy is a winner. 'The Way We Rock' is the B-side cut which I used to prefer but after a recent re-cap I'm not so sure. It only cost me three quid too.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Robbie B & Jazzy J - Rock The Go Go

How was Christmas then, alright? We're back with a boom with this corker, so good that Schoolly himself had to have it for his own label and twinned it with 'Jazzy J On The Scratch' which is also a very tasty offering but not quite as good as the A-side in my opinion. The OG had the scratch version as a seperate track to the vocal cut but they've been conjoined here to make one big beat fest. 'Boogie Down' has also been omitted from this release but they're both pretty easy rekkids to pick up so I'll re-buy the other one another time when there's nowt else more pressing to spend my hard earned dosh on. Happy new year and I'll hopefully continue where we left off although I'm thinking of mixing it up a littlewith the older electro cuts and some old school UK action but we'll see.