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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rap-O-Matic Ltd - Lies, Lies

Another vivid memory from my youth is John Peel playing this one evening. DJ Cheese allegedly did all the excellent wax flexing on here although he is uncredited on the label and it does sound like his style. Did I mention DJ Cheese came to my home town not long after he became the  '86 DMC world mixing champion? Think I probably did. He also revolutionised the way the people looked at the competition and made it a whole lot more interesting at the same time. His entry is still my fave of all time. I was sat open mouthed the whole time I was listening to it live on Radio 1. Probably. Shame they never started filming the event until the year after.


bubblehead said...

great blog, good tunes & nice stories. footage of that cheese mix you mentioned surfaced a few years back.

Moyinka said...

Love that bit where he brings in ' do or die' by Divine sounds. At that point in my life I'd never heard the whole track so I hunted it down later. Made me feel a little better about myself after seeing Cheese too with his turntables side by side and the mixer at one end which is how I had mine set up when everyone else seemed to have the mixer in the middle and used both hands to scratch. I'm right handed and couldn't get the hang of the left handed scratching thing. Top stuff, thanks for the heads up.